Vintage Style Kimono Dresses

Most of us know what kimonos are, but if you are in doubt, or maybe you just heard this name for the first time, a kimono is a traditional Japanese outfit with a characteristic T – shape. It is noted for its straight cut lines that fall to the ankles like a soft flowing robe.

Kimono sleeves are wide and long, and the outfit comes with a wide collar. The classic and vintage kimono is one that was wrapped round the body, right side tucked under the left side, and held in place with a wide sash wrapped around the waist and tied securely at the back.

Dress styles inspired by the classic kimono may not be like robes you have to tuck in and tie, but they still have the similar T-shape, typical wide kimono sleeves, with wide waist bands, but not necessarily tied at the back.

Fuchsia Long Sleeves Floral Kimono Sexy Dress

The outfit looks great with flat footwear, preferably those that are sandal-like. Heeled shoes don’t compliment the shape of the outfit, unless in cases where the dress is long, and falls all the way to the ankles. In this case, you can wear heeled shoes, as long as they are slip-on (heeled slippers) footwear.


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