Women T-Shirts Printed with Vintage Illustrations

It's time to be a bit more casual here on this couture fashion blog. Yes, it’s quite nice to get all dolled up now and then, especially when we have a special event to attend, like a wedding occasion, a red carpet event, dinner, or a party at the Ritz.

To attend any of these demands we get all dressed up looking stylish and sophisticated. But how often do we need to dress up this way?

Not many times, compared to when we need to dress-down.

Most of the time we spend with clothes on, we are in our casuals . . . shopping at the mall, visiting, hanging out with friends, picking up the kids from school, going to the movies, a picnic, a visit to the beach . . . you get what I mean.

These are the times we need our casuals. However, there are casuals and there are CASUALS

T-shirts – Dress Up or Dress Down

As we all know, t-shirts can be dressed up or down. For those of us who love the casual style, street-style, or a bohemian kind of look, we have a good number of tees in our wardrobes. Most of us wear a t-shirt every single day and have many that we truly treasure.

Most of the time, jeans are worn with a t-shirt; that not only applies to men, but to women, kids AND babies too, so depending on who is wearing it and what is paired with it, tees can serve as casual, semi-casual, or dressy tops.

Vintage Inspired T-Shirts for Women

Vintage inspired clothing is trending but then doesn’t it always? Isn’t fashion and style in its true sense cyclic?

Granted, t-shirts came into ‘being’ at the end of the 19th century and there is not much history to back it up as traditional per se, but they finally achieved the status of being a fashionable item of clothing and a stand-alone outerwear garment by the mid-20th century.

If you seek a traditional/classic look t-shirt, you want one with a 'vintage twist' and what best way to achieve this by seeking quality tees with vintage inspired quotes, images, or photographs. The list should give ideas of what was worn when, in-case you’ll prefer to have a particular era’s tee.

1939/40’s - Early examples of tees with printed logos/decoration can be found in the movie The Wizard of Oz.” It had the word "OZ" printed on its front.

1950’s - Some businesses started to decorate t-shirts with holiday resort names and characters.

1960’s – The time of the highly popular Ringer t-shirt, a then trendy fashion for the young rock-n-rollers. It was in the sixties that ‘tie & dye’ and screen printing on tees evolved, making the t-shirt became a “medium for wearable art, commercial advertising, souvenir messages, and protest messages”.

1970’s – Popular characters such as Walt Disney characters began to appear with Mickey Mouse being one of the top choices of t-shirt lovers. Notable and memorable t-shirts produced during this decade have become entrenched in pop culture. They include the Rolling Stones band tees, and Milton Glaser's iconic "I ♥ N Y” design

1980’s – By the mid-eighties white tees became fashionable, especially after Don Johnson wore it with an Armani suit in the movie Miami Vice.

1990’s – It became common practice for companies to make them promotional items with their corporate logos or messages as a part of their advertising campaigns. Also at this time, tee shirts with prominent designer-name logos become popular with teenagers and young adults. Names that come to mind include FUBU, The gap, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren,

2010 – By the beginning of this century, there was renewed popularity of tee shirts. They come with quotes, slogans, and designs that tend towards the humorous, spiritual, and satirical.

Today, the t-shirt is one of the most important items of clothing for most people all over the world, most especially because the tee trend is being embraced by celebrities; now, everyone wants at least half a dozen of great looking tees in their wardrobe.

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