Parisian Floor Length Skirts with Corset – Forget the Little Black Dress!

Yes! Forget the LBD (little black dress) and ‘up’ your style with this classic Parisian style floor length skirt, a basic black satin corset, and a pair of satin party gloves. After all, what’s a beautiful vintage inspired party dress without satin gloves?

You will undoubtedly make an “unforgettable impression” with a Parisian ensemble, especially with the long skirt with its multiple rows of black satin and organza, and trimmed with black bow detailing on the front.

Organza and satin are many fashionistas favourites, not only because they make bold statements especially in black but also because they are luxurious fabrics that catch the light in a stunning manner.

This classic style skirt worn with a black satin corset, preferably with boning, a front busk closure and full lace-up back is like ‘icing on a cake’. Sexy corsets (or bustier) will give you great support and an enhanced curvy silhouette, even if you are a full-bodied woman.

This Parisian fashion style should certainly be your new wardrobe addition, a wonderful and classic replacement for the plain old ‘blah’ little black dress (LBD)!

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