Rent a Costume for Halloween - 13 Top Women Costumes

Mr and Mrs Potato Head
Do you really need to buy a costume for Halloween this year, an outfit which you’ll wear for only a few hours of one day of a year?

True, it’s nice to have your own impressive outfit bought specially for a fancy dress or costume party but sometimes it’s good to consider saving money in all ways we possibly can. Besides, some of us would hate to ‘repeat’ the same old outfit year on year. You can almost hear party guests’ whispered remarks as you mingle with the crowd.

If you are looking out for something ‘explosive’, a costume that sets you apart from the usual, the boring, and the outdated, you shouldn’t bother buying because not only will it set you back a good slice of money, people will get tired of seeing you in it if you wear it for more than two costume parties . . . the shine will have rubbed off.

Best thing to do? Rent it!

Save Big! Shop Rental Costumes at 

If you decide to rent a Halloween costume, for instance, you will find a seemingly limitless selection of costumes . . . from the formal to the whimsical; the ‘racy’ to the regal; the ‘wicked to the sexy; you are sure to find some great ensemble that will make you look flattering, playful, wicked, tempting, coquettish, timeless; any impression you may wish to portray.

13 Popular Halloween Costumes for Women

For this year’s Halloween party, look out for any of these popular outfits to play the character well:
  1. Feline cat costume
  2. Cleopatra costume
  3. Sexy Stewardess
  4. Bewitching beauty
  5. Sexy deadly ninja
  6. Pirate wench
  7. Wonder Woman
  8. Princesses
  9. 'Wicked' boss costume
  10. Warrior huntress
  11. Dark red riding hood
  12. Steampunk lady costume
  13. Flapper girl costume
And if you are still unsure about what to wear to that must-not-miss party, that everyone will attend, don’t feel bad. You are not alone. Most people don't know until the last minute.

With only a few days left before the 31st October, the time to find that perfect Halloween attire to rent for one of the greatest nights of the year is drawing close.

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