Vintage Inspired Floral Print Dresses

Floral prints are certainly the most universal of patterns in fashion. Fresh, crisp, and naturally attractive, today’s bold and large motifs have become so popular it’s apt to tag them the “Spring 2016 Look”

Reminiscent of the 20th century's fashion with their bold and dramatic prints, these vintage-inspired prints look great in most styles - casual, formal, or elegant. Some styles made with bold floral prints, be they clothing, shoes, bags, or other fashion accessories will truly ‘take your breath away’.

Today, many of us have at least one bold floral printed outfit or fashion accessory stored away in our closet. Bring it (them) out because floral prints have now become a trend for this year’s spring. If you don’t have any, go out and get one that you can use in a versatile manner – shoe, dress, or handbag and if you do have a floral printed outfit, it’s good to add a couple more of such patterns that lends a lovely touch to most fashion items.

The sweet timeless look of bold flowery prints is great for dresses, shirts, pants, skirts, tops, shoes, and bags.

Enjoy the collections I’ve created below...

Spring's Floral Trend

Pilot floral dress
$36 -

Kim Kwang high heel shoes
$820 -

Sarah s Bag green handbag
$1,335 -

Gold sunglasses
$33 -

Spring's Floral Trend - 2

Spring's Floral Trend - 3

Spring's Floral Trend - 4

Chicwish flounce top

Chicwish tulle skirt

Marni leather tote bag

Formal Wear for Spring

Adrianna Papell white mini dress
$240 -

Prada bolero jacket

Giambattista Valli pointed toe shoes
$1,150 -

RED Valentino structured handbag
$470 -

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