The Gatsby Style

Today's Gatsby inspired fashion can be aptly described as "cool and swanky" with an “extravagant look” that's reminiscent of the 1920's vintage fashion and style.

From the swinging dresses and fantastic accessories, to the dazzling jewels and pert hairdos, the 20's era depicts style and swagger that today's fashion enthusiast loves.
Gatsby Style

And though many associate this period with jazz music and the flapper dress culture, style was not only about the flapper dress, drop-waist clothes, embellished apparel, and fringe dresses.

Check out these stylish designs that equally typifies the 1920's vintage fashion and find ways you can bring that glorious era back to the 21st century with very feminine dresses, costume jewellery such as Vintage Bracelets, and clutch bags with beautiful embellishments.

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