Vintage Style Jewellry - Earrings

Believe it or not, in the days of old, earrings were worn mostly by men but as time progressed, women began to wear earrings as a fashion statement;  Its purpose being that of beautifying and complementing the shape of their faces.

To know the right shape, style and size of earring that best suits your face, you may find the following tips useful:

Long Earrings

You can wear long earrings if you have a round shaped face and/or if you have a short neck. It will visually make your face and neck appear longer.  If you have a square shaped face, long earrings are ideal too, as long they have some length and dangle almost down to your shoulder.

Small or Short Earrings

These look best on women with long faces and long necks. You don’t want to wear long dangling ones if you have a long neck and long face. It will only heighten the long features of your face and neck, which is not so good.

Large Earrings

These look fantastic on ladies with small facial features, and for those with cropped hair or fashionably bald women. It is good to know that if you decide to wear large or massive earrings, you need not wear a necklace or neck chain.

And if you are young, or young at heart, you can wear ear pieces that are made from any material ranging from plastic and faux gems, to glass and wired works. However if you are older, not so young at heart, and prefer to wear authentic jewellry pieces, then you’ll need to look out for jewellry made out of precious gem stones, metals, and authentic beads such as pearls and corals.

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