Vintage Fashion and Lace

They say lace is in, I say lace is back!

Lace, beautiful classic fabric that been in use for a few centuries.

This fabric can be traced back to the late 1500’s, a time when there was a swift growth in the production of fine hand-made lace.

It is typified by openwork fabrics where open holes or spaces and dense textures form beautiful and intricate designs. 

At the time, needle lace was used mainly for fashionable women’s clothing and you will find these hand woven beauties enhancing collars and cuffs of ladies attire of the time.

Lace is woven with silk, cotton, or man-made yarn. Once woven, the fabric has holes/spaces which give it an airy ‘net-ty’ feel. From cute chic tops and hand gloves, to clothing enhancements, simple but stylish 20th century dresses and classic bottoms, it is generally a lace affair for today’s fashion buff.

Today you will find fine lace woven from threads of copper or even silver wire to form a mesh like material. These forms of lace are now dominant in both fashion as well as home d├ęcor fabrics.

Charming White Lace Cloth Mini Dress

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