What's the Big Deal About Cosabella Lingerie?

So what is so special about Cosabella lingerie? Why does it seem that many women love to wear them?

For starters, Cosabella is one of the leading designer and manufacturer of fine intimate apparel that shows the best of American design coupled with Italian craftsmanship.   

Secondly, their undergarments are made from ultra-soft Italian microfiber, sheer material, and fine Italian lace, finished with cutting-edge details that give that feminine feel of wearing luxurious undergarments.

Finally and importantly, their lingerie is renowned not only for their comfort which is of great importance to Cosabella, but also for their sexy designs and pleasing vibrant colours. And some styles do come with trendy prints.  

Colours are feminine, sassy, or girly, and range from the classic black and white, to lavender, soft-nude pink, wine-berry, turquoise, emerald, salmon, anthracite, etc... 

From bras, bodysuits, and panties, to chemises, baby doll, and shape-wear, Cosabella comes in a range of beautiful lines; the top 5 collections being:

  1. Never Say Never
  2. New Soire
  3. Dolce
  4. Talco 
  5. Trenta
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Their top collections are “edgy and sexy with a nod to the 80’s soft bondage trend”, with some modern pieces inspired by vintage lingerie. Shapes include long-line under-wire bras, strapless bustiers with removable straps, bra-lettes, hipster, high-waist briefs, and cut out slips. 

How about their sexy Cosabella glow collection that features lingerie that truly glows in the dark? This unique collection produces a glowing light in a totally dark room. For it to work though, the lingerie set has to absorb light for a few minutes; much like charging it with sunlight or fluorescent light. And it doesn’t fade away in the wash as it glows for as long as you possess the underwear.

Cosabella lingerie should be a lovely addition to the underwear compartment in your wardrobe, or chest of drawers. 

Now go and 'burn' those dated undergarments!

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