1920s Inspired Writing Journal with Images of Flapper Swingers

How much of a vintage style enthusiast are you? Which of the fashion eras of the 20th century is your favourite? You will agree with most that the Roaring Twenties was the time when the Western woman decided she’s had enough of the Victorian and Edwardian styles of clothing.

Roaring Twenties Vintage Writing Journal


This era of the Flapper generation had a new breed of young men and women who loved the fresh and ‘swinging’ jazz music. A generation who showed disdain for the so-called acceptable behaviour. They were energetic, and they loved to party. They embraced what many considered as an outrageous lifestyle and are known to be the first generation of independent individuals that pushed barriers in political, economic, and sexual freedom. They are the Flappers of the 1920s.

As a vintage era aficionado, you’ll love this Roaring 20s vintage-inspired 'bujo'. Each lined page comes with images of young Charleston dance ‘swingers’. The book will make a great writing journal for anything from a diary and planner to a ‘brain dump’, a gratitude book, recipe or student’s class notes book. It will also make an awesome gift for the vintage-inspired. 

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