How to Dress Hipster Style

A hipster is an individual who can be referred to as being trendy in that hipsters are known to follow current trends in music, clothing and fashion in general. They can be labelled as “being outside the cultural mainstream”.

As a group of people that enjoy music and apparel, most hipsters exist in a certain age bracket, like . . . from teenagers to those in their thirties, “part of today's ‘extended adolescent’ era”,

There are a few that are ‘older hipsters’ of course, but as we age, we tend to feel less concerned about issues that meant a great deal to us when we were younger. There are other things in life that are more important to us than being trendy and labelled as a member of a certain sub-culture.

Characteristics of Hipsters

The first way you’d recognise a hipster is by the way he/she is dressed, in an almost ironic ‘tongue-in-cheek’ style. Shape-wise, they are usually slim (both male and female) with many of them having a skinny silhouette. Both men and women tend to have similar figures.

How to Dress like a Hipster

Their clothing is bright coloured and consisting of sharp and bold patterns. Hipsters love the mismatch layered look that seems like clothes just thrown up together without a thought, ensembles typical of hipsters. Hipster style is typically retro in many ways, with an “oh I can't be bothered" look.

Hipster Style

Don’t be fooled though. This look and style really take careful planning and if you get it wrong, you are not a hipster. Apparel includes:
  • Skinny jeans and pants
  • Patterned and colourful leggings 
  • High-waist pants
  • Rock band fitted tees
  • Plaid, cowboy, gingham, paisley, and vintage floral shirts
  • Eye glasses, the more satirical, the better . . . shutter shades, huge framed, authentic Ray Ban Wayfarers, and plain regular non-recommended glasses … in all shades and colours.
  • Fitted hoodies
  • Vintage style clothing . . . floral or lace dresses.
  • Footwear - like ankle, cowboy, or chukka boots. Other favourite shoes include flats, throwback sneakers, and vintage inspired shoes 
  • Nail polish - bright neon colours or Biba look black 
  • Large flowery headbands
  • Bird necklaces
  • Brightly coloured belts

And Be Cool as One

Contrary to popular belief, being a hipster is much more complex than hipster style dressing. For some, it is more like a way of life, a lifestyle that’s unique in its own ‘cool’ way.

So if you want to dress hipster style, just ensure you conform to their pants principle: “Skinny Fit.” Remember to “layer on” the rest, and don’t forget the “acid washes”, day-glow neon colours, and the Ray-Ban.

7 Reasons to Rent a Designer Dress and Accessories Online

Did you ever know that you can rent an outfit online, if you have an event to attend and desire to wear a trendy, probably some haute couture dress?

Yes, you can.

From fashion forward dresses to designer labels, women are now choosing the option of renting a dress rather than ‘coughing’ up hundreds of dollars to buy one as you can practically get any outfit to rent.

Source: Rent a Runway

You’d be surprised to know that many fashion-conscious women are joining this trend. That wonderful vintage dress you saw on someone walking on the red carpet is most probably rented, believe it or not.

This is just to say that you too can wear the same apparel you find on top celebrities for a fraction of the cost!

7 Reasons Why You May Need To Rent a Dress?

  1. You don’t need to add another designer dress to your wardrobe. You’ve hardly worn the two you bought last year, and hate to repeat those!
  2. If you have to attend a special event . . . a wedding, a fashion show, a beauty contest, or the like, and want to be seen as the one of the best dressed if not THE best dressed, just can just rent the dress and look the best.
  3. If you have a fancy party and you want to wear a vintage gown and stand out from everyone, rent one online.
  4. The great coming occasion demands you wear a stylish couture dress, and you’ve packed on a few pounds! Though you have planned to lose that fat deposit around your waistline, you hardly have time to do that and there is no point in buying a $1000 dress that’ll become too loose when you finally get your shape back. Rent a dress instead of wasting money, and still look your usual smashing self.
  5. It’s Halloween and you want to appear at that party looking like Morticia Addams . . . yes, you can ‘rent the look’ by renting the dress.
  6. If you are getting married and can’t afford to purchase that dream dress you want . . . no need to expend that much money on a dress you’ll wear only once. You can rent your gown instead. All you’ll need to spend is the rental and cleaning cost; only about 10% of what you’d have spent.
  7. You need a special prom outfit with matching accessories but can’t make up your mind on which to choose between the hot pink satin halter dress, the Vera Wang gown, or that bustier top with the vintage swing skirt. Rent all three and try them on at home before you make your choice. You’ll still be spending just a fraction of what you’d pay for a new outfit.
Source: Rent a Runway
Renting clothing and accessories is nothing new and such service has been around for a long, long time. However, today it seems like every fashionista want to ALWAYS step out in style and what best ways to do this than by renting that dress with matching accessories?

So from black tie dresses and summer wedding dresses, to White House Correspondents dinner dresses and exclusive accessories, don’t dream about them, just rent them.

Your bank account won’t even feel a pinch. And best of all, you dresses will be shipped to you free of charge if you spend at least $75.

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Plus Size Vintage Inspired Petticoats

Petticoats are elaborate underskirts that have been in existence ever since the late 1500’s. They've been worn by women in one variation or another through the past five centuries. 

The reasons for wearing petticoats stemmed from the fact that a woman wore these items of clothing simply to create a feminine silhouette; a shape that that gives the impression of a tiny waist with an enhanced bust when combined with a corset.

They were full, stiff, and in all truthfulness, uncomfortable. But the beauty in sashaying and swaying was definitely worth wearing them.

Generally stiff, full and sometimes layered, petticoats “would hold the over-skirt or dress out in a pleasingly domed shape” but the sheer weight of this lingerie coupled with extremely tight boned corsets usually caused fainting spells amongst women of class.

'Full-bodied' Was Considered Stylish and Fashionable

At the time when being full-bodied; what we call plus size today, was truly fashionable, layered petticoats were very much desired, especially by Victorian women, who associated being large with affluence , good health, and belonging to the higher rungs of the social structure. 
Petticoats not only visually added to their size, its sheer swirling volume oozed of luxury and opulence, something that made the traditional woman very comfortable and proud . . . hardly surprising, since being slim or skinny was associated with low class, ill-health, and poverty.


Why You Should Have a Petticoat in Your Wardrobe

Petticoats are back and they come in a range of vintage inspired styles in varying lengths, textiles, and colours. And they can be worn as under garments or as outer skirts with a bustier or corset. 
They are popular amongst today’s brides who desire lavish weddings that generally require grand bridal dresses. The idea behind wearing grandiose wedding dresses is mainly to bring back the swirling charm of the vintage period with luxurious gowns that gives them the true feeling of classic femininity, reminiscent of a glorious past era. 

You will even find some brides choose their petticoats and other bridal lingerie (corsets, bras, stockings, and garters) before picking their gowns, thereby basing the style of their outfits around their choice underskirt.

Petticoats are also worn as outer skirts by fashion forward plus size women who are bold, sexy and ‘cheeky’; women who make their own fashion rules and are comfortable with their own desires.

Any which way, petticoats are perfect for women who wish to create a different look, for occasion wears, festivals and costume parties.

6 Ways to Wear This Hot Plus-Size Lingerie

  1. Wear petticoats with vintage inspired swing dresses for that authentic vintage look!
  2. Pair with short leather heeled boots (a great style), and thigh high stockings.
  3. Combine with a cotton camisole and high heels for a simple but gorgeous ensemble.
  4. Make it the perfect combination with a bustier or lace-up corset for a vintage inspired look.
  5. For a stylish look for an evening out, wear this under-skirt with a tank top, a smart cropped jacket and vintage style costume jewellry.
  6. Wear one with multiple layers of ultra-soft tulle that drapes beautifully, combined with steel-boned corset and leggings.

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Suspenders and Garters for Plus-Sized Women

They used to be referred to as suspenders, simply for the fact that they were created to hold the old fashioned stockings in place! From the early eighteenth century, everybody wore stockings, but the only way they could hold them up was through the use of garters.

They were clothing items of necessity, and not meant to be fashionable. Hardly surprising that the first known ‘garter creations’ were simply a band of cloth cut in form of ribbons, or knitted pieces you could tie together.

Savoir Faire Stretch Lace Garter Belt with 4 adjustable garter straps

There was also cut leather strips that were either tied or buckled above the knee which also served as garters. You wouldn’t describe those pieces of lingerie as stylish.

Garters and the Bride

However, by the 20th century (they became popular in the 30’s and 40’s), became a must-have item of lingerie; it not only served as suspenders, it also became an appropriate way for ladies to tuck in small valuables or even a tiny purse.

With the advent of elasticated garters, they soon became easy to wear, and today, even though women don’t wear stocking anymore . . . well 99.5% of women, they are now worn as fashionable lingerie, especially by a new bride. Every bride that has on a wedding gown most probably has on a garter.

Are Garters a Reflection of Sensuality?

Stockings, suspenders, and garters are often considered to be a reflection of sensuality but this is not new. All you need do is to look at “pictures and photographs of women in fancy lingerie” from decades ago which are oftentimes termed “erotic”. Now, fashion has gone a full circle, bringing back the vintage styles like waist corset belts and exotic petticoats, and making them the ‘new’.

You will readily find elegant suspender belts for your own special occasions. They are incorporated into shapewear, corselets, girdles, waist cinchers, Basques and bandage garters (garter skirts with a twist!) . . . Beautiful items of lingerie that are meant for today’s sensuous woman who loves to wear attractive underwear.

You will find them sold as a one piece item or a set which consists of a garter belt and a pair of undies . . . thongs or panties. Some come as a three piece, with matching bras. Materials used include leather, lace, stretch lace, and satin.

Exclusive for the Plus Size Woman – Short Shaper Skirt Suspenders

These garters are great for the plus size woman, one that desires something smoothing with firm control. The sexy elasticated shapewear lingerie consists of “detachable garters”, pretty lace trim hem and a firm controlling waistband.

Body Shaper Skirt Suspender
Just as with most shapewear for full figured women, you can wear shaper skirt suspenders under form-fitting dresses or skirts. It gives an unbelievably smooth silhouette under your clothing; it also gives you enough coverage to be worn under short dresses or skirts.

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