Fancy Bra Straps with Rhinestones

Fancy bra straps are today's beautiful fashion accessory that provides a new opportunity to accent your strapless gowns and tops as they are made to be exposed. As we all know, exposed straps are no longer a fashion faux pas; they are now shown-off and have even become part of a complete look.

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Though there are simple understated ones like the see-through straps that appear invisible, the most appealing and sought after kinds are embellished with rhinestones and sparkler diamante gems which make them not only elegant but also very attractive without going over the top.

They are really great for adding a touch of glitz and glamour to formal evening dresses and gowns. Not only that! Rhinestone studded bra straps can also be worn to beautify less formal clothing like strapless blouses, tank tops (tubes), camisoles (if you like that double strap look), and bustier tops,.

They are wonderful pieces of accessories that will give you a fashion upgrade whenever you need one . . . like turning a simple day wear into an attractive evening outfit, wearing them with old favourites, or giving your ‘dumped’ clothes a totally new look.

Asides being fashionable and trendy, these fancy straps are also functional accessories that serve to hold strapless bras firmly while eliminating chances of sagging which is a common feature associated with cheap strapless brassieres.

Varieties come as see-through straps encrusted with:
  1. Crystal clear diamante
  2. Black sparkling rhinestones
  3. Multi-colour Swarovski gemstones
  4. Dazzling charms and silver hearts
  5. Silver or gold sparkling stones
They come with adjustable chains or straps that allow them to be worn at any length desired.

Rhinestone encrusted bra straps are detachable and easy to fix on to your bra or tops (if you can sew on a loop). Spice up an old top, sew on loops that you can hook you pretty straps on! And because they are multi-way bra straps, you can use them the conventional way, as halter-neck straps, cross-back bra straps, or as a single (cross or straight) bra strap.

How to Choose the Best Type of Diamante Strap

This is about what to look out for when planning to buy fancy straps for convertible or strapless bras. The kind of bra you wear them with is important to know, because they don’t necessarily work well with all bra types.
  • When buying a convertible/strapless bra that you intend to use fancy straps with, ensure the loops are not too close to your arm sides
  • Ensure that the bra loops are closer to the top centre of its cups 
  • Decorative bra straps don't work well with some bra loops that are almost under the arm (at the edge of the armpit) 
  • There must be some stretch in your choice of straps so they fit correctly and snugly 
  • One size strap does not fit all so ensue you go for those that come elasticized if you prefer this function
  • There are some brands that carry multiple sizes. Ensure you only purchase packs with multiple sizes. These are more affordable than purchasing different sizes individually 
  • The size of a bra doesn't determine the size or length of bra straps to purchase. It will mainly depend on the bra band location

Lucite Purses - Trending Vintage Inspired Bags

When many ladies hear “Lucite handbags”, they stereo-typically associate them with plastics (PVC), meaning low-price, cheap, economical, or low-integrity.

How far from the truth!

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During the prosperous years that followed the end of the 2nd World War, the boom years to be precise, a thermoplastic product was the rave. From interior and industrial design where plastics were used for furniture and geometric forms, to fashion and style where designers created fashion accessories like jewellry, handbags, clutch bags, and purses using strong and durable thermoplastics.

Vintage Lucite is sturdy and was a much better than Bakelite, an earlier plastic of the 1920s used in radios and jewellry.

Lucite bags became popular in the 1940s with purse lines which include:
  • Rialto
  • Maxim
  •  Shoreham
  • Tyrolean
  •  Llewelyn
  • Venzer
  • Charles Foster
  • Wilardy Originals

Lucite hand bags and purses came in so many forms and variety including the trendy shell-shape purse, the flashy rhinestone studded birdcage bag, and the regal blue-beaded bag inspired by the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

There were also handbags with their casings pre-filled with anything from smooth pebbles, seashells, raffia and artificial flowers, to glitter, ribbons, and even pressed butterflies.

Some feature embroidery and hand painted details, with embellishments like faux pearls, diamanté, beads, and metals. Many Lucite handbags had matching compacts and/or cigarette cases often mounted directly onto their lids but then in some way, these handbags originated from designs of women jewellry boxes created by Will Hardy, son of Wilardy founder.

According to history of fashion, “After he designed a Lucite jewelry box for buyers at Saks Fifth Avenue, they recommended adding a strap to turn the box into a handbag. This led to Hardy’s entry into the world of plastic purses, and by 1951, the Wilardy business was producing 64 styles of Lucite bags in 14 different colours”.

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Women T-Shirts with Vintage Art Illustrations

There are lots of t-shirt designs for women out there, so many that most times, it is hard to make a choice but how often do you find stylish ones with vintage art illustrations printed on them?

Not often!

From whimsical prints of the European circus to vintage poster art, famous 20th century quotes, and fashion icon reproductions images, tees with classic illustrations are beginning to get the attention of tee shirt lovers, especially women.

Baby boomers that grew up in the 20th century still reminisce about the past and many of them will love illustrations of the famous bands of the sixties, images of a young Paul McCartney, Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy, or Coco Chanel on their tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, tank, or crop tops.

Then there are vintage art graphics and designs . . . retro prints, automobiles, motorbike riders, rock bands, quirky or ritzy themes, star wars, cat-woman, Wizard of Oz, sepia, and black and white old photography images.

Vintage Art on Tees - What to Look Out For

When you seek t-shirts with classic graphics, look out for those with images, caricatures, black and white prints, sepia finishes, and bold patterns. Also search for those with 20th century themes of crazy characters, poetic quotes, and photographs of your favourite silver screen goddess.

You Can Make Your Own T-Shirts Online

Whether you want to make a couple for yourself, or you think this may be a great business idea to venture into, you can make these vintage inspired t-shirts online.

As a business project, you can make them and sell them! Your customers will include your friends, family, school mates, and colleagues. And because it is an easy way to make some extra money on the side (consider the fun aspect), making t-shirts online is a venture that you’ll find is worth your while.

Find these classic creations at Tees to Treasure

You can make it a hobby or even create your own special t-shirt line and if you need some inspiration as per designs to use, you can search for royalty free antique or vintage graphics, inspirational quotes, old photographs, patterns, characters, and 20th century comic themes.

Upload your chosen illustrations and make your own tees on Zazzle or SpreadShirt. Print them on hoodies, short sleeves and long sleeves, sweatshirts, tanks, and vests.

You can 'go' trendy, sassy, swag, cool, or quirky!

Vintage t-shirts with vintage art illustrations are a popular choice today. They are highly sought after and a trending 2016 fashion.

Video - How to create a shop and make your own t-shirt clothing line, free on SpreadShirt

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Box Handbag - Trending Vintage Inspired Bags

Vintage inspired box handbags make elegant statements and women who love accessorizing with anything classic and unique can attest to this.
This square box handbag is not only stylish and different from the rest; it is eye-catching and comes in various designs, shapes, and sizes that resemble anything from treasure chests and fine hard luggage to lunch boxes and trunks.

This certainly proves that fashion is always cyclic. But then, any fashion trend that lasted close to a decade in the 1900s almost always makes a comeback.

The handbag designs comes as clutch bags, mini-handbags, and larger designs with adjustable and removable shoulder-straps.

From Lucite, canvas, and leather, to faux leather, fabric, alloys, and wicker, this vintage inspired piece is made from a good number of both classic and modern materials, meaning you’ll probably find one that’s perfect for your style . . . modern, traditional, retro, or quirky.

A box handbag is one fashion accessory that should be a part of any woman's wardrobe basics, especially if she is one fashionista that loves and appreciates classic vintage inspired styles.

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How to Look Vintage Chic in Everyday Clothes

To create a vintage inspired theme is not so hard even if all you have are plain simple clothes to create the look. As we know, accessorising can help dictate a look and as long as you take care of the details, you’ll be able to achieve that lady-like charm that’s so characteristic of vintage fashion.

Classic Vintage Fashion Accessories (created by Viryabo@Polyvore)
If you are a devotee of classic styles you will look fabulous if you add the most unexpected details to your ordinary looking outfits; appealing details like a pair of dazzling flapper earrings embellished with deco details, a charming retro pagoda hat for a great summery look, a voluminous petticoat for your perfect swing dress, or sky-high heels for some vintage chic ‘Va Va Voom’.

Re-create Vintage Fashion with Old-fashioned Accessories

So if you feel like 'glamming' up your attires to put a swing back into your style, ensure you have at least one set (or pair) of each of the following fashion accessories as wardrobe basics. They are the easiest and affordable items you’ll need to create a vintage inspired stylish look.

  1. Classic sunglasses – 50s cat eye sunglasses and brow-line sunglasses, 60s over-sized and retro square glasses, 70s tinted lenses, 80s aviator sunglasses, and 90s round wire-framed glasses
  2. Hats – 20s cloche, 40s tam hats and berets, 50s pill box hat, cartwheel, boater, fedora, half hats, and fascinator
  3. Handbags and purses – retro bags, beaded flapper purse, floral, coin purses, Sister Jane handbags and Lucite bags
  4. Vintage style umbrella – heart, parasols, and pagoda umbrellas (ruffle-edged, plain, stripes, or polka dots)
  5. Jewelry – 20s flapper jewelry, brooch pins, choker necklaces, statement rings, Cameo, bib necklaces, whimsical and flirty pin up jewelry, cuff bracelets, and art deco rings
  6. Hosiery – petticoats, vintage seamed stockings, fishnet, and thigh-high stockings with garters
  7. Under/outer wear – bullet bra, corsets and bustier, and chemise
By the time you add some of these vintage inspired charming accessories to your simple everyday clothing, you’ll have created your own unique style and polished off your appearance without needing to scour the shops looking for authentic vintage clothing.

Graphic Art and Illustrations of Vintage Fashion and Style

If you love the charm of vintage fashion and appreciate the art of fashion design of a glorious era of close to a century ago, it is certain that like many of us boomers, you'll love graphic art and illustrations of classic clothing and accessories designs.

Pictures of fashion as far back as the very early 1900s (a century ago) up until the 1960s are delightful images to behold.
Created by Viryabo@Polyvore

Hardly comparable to photo art and digital images of the 21st century, vintage art has a unique quality of its own . . . could be the fact that a good number are in black and white, some in sepia ("a reddish-brown colour associated particularly with monochrome photographs of the 19th and early 20th centuries") while the majority are in colour, or as paper prints of sketches, including painted artwork.

There are royalty free vintage fashion graphic art you can find on Clip Art, Shutterstock, and Pixaby sites to mention a few. However a majority of free sites only allow you use them for personal and not commercial use. So you can't really download such images, blow up the sizes, print them out and hang them on your walls!

You will also find (for sale) art illustrations of classic fashion and style that's not only unique and special, but will make wonderful focal points in your living room, dining room, or hallway.

Prices of such beautiful art may range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars, depending on a number of factors like if they are on canvas, are posters, lithographs, rare photographs, vector art, or prints.

Size is another factor that may determine how cheap, affordable or expensive haute couture artwork is.
From Victorian fashion styles to the Great Gatsby look; 50s women's chic to the retro and indie style, graphic art illustrations of vintage fashion and accessories displayed in interior spaces not only look classy, they speak volumes of the stylish attributes and taste of its owner.

Dress Like a Vintage Silver Screen Goddess (Old Hollywood Glamour)

Most of us know them on screen or have heard about them, the silver screen goddesses of the 20th Century and many will agree that these leading ladies of the screen and films helped shape and define fashion and style.

Not surprising because many movies of the early to mid-20th century were quite like fashion shows within a story.

Created by Viryabo@Polyvore
Many of us who cherish classic styles all have some love for vintage inspired clothing and accessories designs. This is hardly surprising as most of us grew up during the age of cinema visits and silver screen movies that not only gave us great stories to view but also showed us how glamorous men and women looked in their wonderful classic clothing designs.

If you ever watch classic movies, you’ll notice how well-groomed everyone looks. From the newspaper boy to the heiress, everyone looks so well dressed and stylish.

And the stars . . . Most times they look absolutely stunning, whether they wear casuals, day wear, office wear, or formal evening wears.

Screen Goddesses Who Were Fashion Icons

In the 20s and 30s, there were:

Louise Brooks - Of the 20s silent movies is an iconic symbol of the flapper style and for popularizing the bobbed hairstyle.

Greta Garbo – A film actress from Sweden. Garbo was an international star and fashion icon in the 1920s and 1930s. She is best known for her acting career in both silent and talking movies

Joan Crawford - One of Hollywood’s greatest stars and a formidable legend who starred in the famous movie “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”

Gloria Swanson - Actress and producer. She was a silent screen legend and the epitome of early Hollywood glamour. She was perhaps the most glittering silver screen goddess of Hollywood's golden youth in the twenties.

These old Hollywood screen goddesses acted some of their most memorable roles and films in elegant and gorgeous attire, casual, sporty, and formal wear.

Glamorous Old Hollywood Stars
. . . And in the 50s, there were:

Audrey Hepburn – She popularised the LBD (little black dress) and made it an item. Till this day, every woman wants a LBD in her wardrobe.

Marilyn Monroe - One of the greatest, most recognisable fashion and beauty icons of all time. She defined glamour for a generation when she sang “Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend”

Grace Kelly – A silver screen actress who became a Princess. Kelly starred in movies such as “To catch a Thief” and “Dial M for Murder”. Her screen outfits were some of the most talked about in old Hollywood.

Sofia Loren – This glamorous vintage movie star virtually defined the post-war look of continental sexual appeal. 
Created by Viryabo@Polyvore
Lauren Bacall – She had such provocative glamour that it elevated her to fame in Hollywood's golden age. Her fashion style, distinctive voice and sultry looks made her a very popular actress of her time. Bacall was named the “20th greatest female star of Classic Hollywood cinema by the American Film Institute”.

Every woman and young girl wanted to look like their screen idol and wear the same hairstyles she wore. They wanted the same make-up and clothes that their favourite star, who seemingly belonged to a very modern advanced world, wore.

From their bikinis and IT bags to their full-circle swing dresses and Dior's ‘new look’, the 20s and 50s was without doubt fashion's favourite decades. Some of the elegant styles of the time still continue to be points of reference by fashion designers and fashionistas till this day.

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