Vintage-Inspired Writing and Sketching Journals for Women

Old-Fashioned Cream Paper Drawing Book

Enjoy using this 19th-century vintage-themed fashion sketchbook with illustrations of French newspapers showing fashionable Parisian women in their elaborate day dresses. It comes in a convenient square shape and consists of dotted grid and blank drawing canvases printed on cream old-fashioned type paper.

If you are a classic fashion enthusiast, there is a possibility that you’d like this traditional look cream paper that great fashion designers of yesteryears sketched on. If you are a vintage fashion aficionado that needs a journal to write and sketch in, then this is for you. And if you are a fashion designer or fashion design student who just wants something different from the rest, this is it.

Vintage Paris 1893: Old-Fashioned Cream Paper Sketchbook Journal for Fashion Designers

Flapper Style-Inspired Notebook

If you are a vintage fashion and style enthusiast, then you know about the Flapper generation of young women and men of the 1920s. They loved to party, listen to jazz music, and displayed their contempt of what was believed to be acceptable behaviour of the era. They were energetic. They embraced what many considered an offensive lifestyle. Today, they are considered the pioneers of independent individuals that pushed barriers in political and sensual freedom.

1920s Vintage-Inspired Dotted Grid Notebook - A Fun Writing Journal of Flapper Style and Jazz Music
Roaring Twenties Vintage Writing Journal - Of Flapper Style & Jazz Music

Fashion Design Sketchbook

If you are a vintage style fashion designer who prefers some easy-to-whip-out and quick-to-access sketchbook, this is for you. If you need to side add notes to your classic designs and illustrations, you will love this handy and portable sketchbook that is specifically created for both beginners and practicing fashion designers.

Compact Size Fashion Design Sketchbook with Curvy Female Figure Templates - Fashion Designers Style Illustrations and Side Notes Book

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