Dress Like a Silver Screen Goddess: Old Hollywood Style

Most of us know them on screen or have heard about them, the silver screen goddesses of the 20th Century and many will agree that these leading ladies of Old Hollywood helped shape and define fashion and style.

Not surprising because many movies of the early to mid-20th century were quite like fashion shows within a story.

Many of us who cherish classic styles all have some love for vintage-inspired clothing and accessories designs. This is hardly surprising as most of us grew up during the age of cinema visits and silver screen movies that not only gave us great stories to view but also showed us how glamorous men and women looked in their wonderful classic clothing designs.

If you ever watch classic movies, you’ll notice how well-groomed everyone looks. From the newspaper boy to the heiress, everyone looks so well dressed and stylish.

And the stars . . . Most times they look absolutely stunning, whether they wear casuals, day wear, office wear, or formal evening wears.

Screen Goddesses Who Were Fashion Icons

In the 20s and 30s, there were:

Louise Brooks - Of the 20s silent movies is an iconic symbol of the flapper style and for popularising the bobbed hairstyle.

Greta Garbo – A film actress from Sweden. Garbo was an international star and fashion icon in the 1920s and 1930s. She is best known for her acting career in both silent and talking movies

Joan Crawford - One of Hollywood’s greatest stars and a formidable legend who starred in the famous movie “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”

Gloria Swanson - Actress and producer. She was a silent screen legend and the epitome of early Hollywood glamour. She was perhaps the most glittering silver screen goddess of Hollywood's golden youth in the twenties.

These old Hollywood screen goddesses acted some of their most memorable roles and films in elegant and gorgeous attire, casual, sporty, and formal wear.

Beautiful outfits of some of the glamorous Old Hollywood stars - 1920s to 1930s fashion.

In the 50s, there were:

Audrey Hepburn – She popularised the LBD (little black dress) and made it an item. Until this day, every woman wants an LBD in her wardrobe.

Marilyn Monroe - One of the greatest, most recognisable fashion and beauty icons of all time. She defined glamour for a generation when she sang “Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend”

Grace Kelly – A silver screen actress who became a Princess. Kelly starred in movies such as “To Catch a Thief” and “Dial M for Murder”. Her screen outfits were some of the most talked-about in old Hollywood.

Sofia Loren – This glamorous vintage movie star virtually defined the post-war look of continental sexual appeal.

Lauren Bacall – She had such provocative glamour that it elevated her to fame in Hollywood's golden age. Her fashion style, distinctive voice and sultry looks made her a very popular actress of her time. Bacall was named the “20th greatest female star of Classic Hollywood cinema by the American Film Institute”.

Every woman and girl wanted to look like their screen idol and wear the same hairstyles she wore. They wanted the same make-up and clothes that their favourite star, who seemingly belonged to a very modern advanced world, wore.

From their bikinis and IT bags to their full-circle swing dresses and Dior's ‘new look’, the 20s and 50s were without doubt fashion's favourite decades. Some of the elegant styles of the time still continue to be points of reference by fashion designers and fashionistas till this day.

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