Vintage Fashion Quiz (with Images)

"A quiz on what you really know about vintage fashion and style"

There is something to be said about vintage fashion . . . its uniqueness, quality, durability, and the fact that there is some history behind each era’s style.

It may surprise you to know that even today’s fashion houses and designers still refer to archives of clothing designs of the early to late 20th-century fashion trends, styles from which most of their inspirations are drawn.

If you are a vintage-style enthusiast, you will already know that most of today’s fashion is really re-incarnated from styles, some of over a century ago. And it wouldn’t surprise you to know that replication of fashion designs of a bygone era are just what many of the women clothing styles we see today are. Save for minor modifications and the use of modern embellishments, trims, buttons, zippers, buckles, clasps, and the like, vintage styles are back again.

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