Vintage Fashion Quiz with Images

There is something elegant and chic about antique and vintage clothing styles. They are unique and mostly one-of-a-kind. They were produced with quality and durability in mind. Additionally, there is always some history behind each Eras style and design. If you are a vintage-style enthusiast, you can attest to and relate to this.

Many of what we term modern fashion are re-incarnated styles of yesterday with some modern twists. With minor modifications here and there, body-contouring or loose-fitting, the addition (or subtraction) of ornaments, embellishments, frills, trims, buckles, clasps, etc..., fashion is really cyclic. Vintage-inspired styles are constantly in and out.

Fashion designers draw inspiration from the classics. Fashion houses still refer to archives of centuries-old clothing design trends. Fashion enthusiasts in the vintage antique category always possess a few pieces of the old classics and fashion accessories. They add such classic items into their fashion ensemble to create a sense of dramatic chic. They don’t wear head-to-toe vintage; they have their unique fashion statements. They know how to style it well by combining the traditional with the modern.

The Fashion Quiz

Are you a vintage fashion aficionado? If your answer is yes, you may like to take this short 3-minute fun quiz. Test yourself. Find out what you really know about vintage fashion and style. Discover how vintage fashion savvy you are AND receive a fun certificate of achievement.

TAKE THIS QUIZ >>>  How Vintage Fashion Savvy Are You?

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