Curvy Girls' Guide to Best Lingerie Picks (Infographics)

If you are a curvy plus size woman, finding the right type, size, and style of beautiful lingerie may pose a challenge. This is especially true if you are bold and proud of your full-bodied figure.

And many plus size women are truly proud enough to flaunt their curves.

This detailed infographic should help to guide you if and when you decide to go for head-turning, shape enhancing, 'cheeky', provocative, or simply empowering plus size lingerie to flaunt your gorgeous curvy silhouette.

From your torso to your legs, these tips will let you know what's best for you - no matter if you have fat calves, wide shoulders, or a drooping bosom.

So, whenever you wish to treat yourself to some nice intimate wear, remember these handy tips. You'll find that you will always make a wise choice, whatever your desires might be - boxers, sleepwear, bras, bustiers, chemise, hosiery, leather, costumes, and the like.

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