Plus-Size Lingerie for Big and Full-Bodied Girls

Finding unique lingerie for plus size women in shops around many localities is not that easy. Yes, they do carry undergarments for the full-bodied woman, but many of the ones you’ll find may not be feminine and sexy enough for many of today’s proudly big girls out there.

Vintage Inspired Plus Size Intimates Online

Now when it comes to vintage-inspired lingerie, it becomes much more difficult to find, that is if you can find them at all.

Vintage inspired lingerie is not your usual panties, bras, and simple camisole tops. They are certainly more than that. Not dowdy, somewhat plain, and old-fashioned like . . . yes! Granny pants and frumpy brassieres!

It’s not news that many plus size women seek better and attractive underwear online. As some feel slightly uncomfortable rummaging through the racks and shelves of lingerie at their local shopping malls, other will not be ‘caught dead’ seeking the help of shop attendants, some who snicker behind your back or roll their eyes as soon as you turn to look somewhere else simply because you are looking for something more sensual, stylish or utterly suggestive.

Hips & Curves Full Figure Lingerie, Apparel, Costumes, Hosiery and Accessories

Buying plus size intimates online helps lots of women just like you who absolutely hate having to go out into there, facing skinny and svelte shop attendants, especially when they try to give you advice without really being aware of your needs, or worries of good fitting pieces.

There are specialised online lingerie stores that cater exclusively to the full-bodied curvaceous women of style. They understand that intimate wear should not only be special, but they must also make you feel special; both you and your partner.

How Do You Ensure You Get the Perfect Fitting Lingerie?

For plus size women who wish to order online for the first time, this may put you in a dilemma but don’t worry. If you are searching for lingerie from an online store, first ensure it’s from a reputable site that caters exclusively to plus size women.

If it’s a good site, it’ll provide detailed and well thought-out measurement charts. The site should also include a guide that’ll show you how to take the right measurements.

If you are unsure about taking your own measurements properly, ask a member of the family or a friend to help you out. Yes, it can get quite tricky trying to measure your own body all by yourself.

Try to be honest with your measurements. Some of us tend to wish we are an inch or a bit less than what we read on the measuring tape . . . wanting to give measurements that we desire to be.

That’s quite natural for some and understandable too. But as a bold and confident plus size woman, it is almost certain that you won’t.

So take the time to take proper measurements following the store’s guide; this way, you’ll minimise the chances of getting lingerie that doesn't fit you perfectly.

Happy lingerie shopping!

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