Victorian Bustle Skirts – Vintage Style Fashion

The Victorian bustle skirt is flurry and feminine, a reminder of a past fashion era of the 19th Century. Full and rustling, this vintage style moves with your body and sends out a bold fashion signature for those confident enough to don this style.

Today's interpretations of this skirt are equally spectacular as it was over a century ago and can be worn to any special event from weddings to Halloween parties and also serves well for costume parties too. Aptly described as a time piece, . . . or as steampunk fashion, the bustle skirt is a mix of the “Victorian era's romantic view of science in literature” of the 1800’s.

Typically Victorian fashion, bustle skirts possess fancy tiered ruffle designs but for ease of wear, today’s vintage inspired ones to have zipper closures at the waist. They come with adjustable drawstring ties that are placed beneath the layers of fabric which lets you adjust the amount of bustle and drape that you desire of the skirt.

For extra bustle, you can use the ties to gather it high up but if you wish, you can leave it untied for a smoother, flowing haute look.

If you love the look of this vintage fashion style and wish to wear-it-well, it’s good to pair this classic skirt with a steel boned corset . . . made in distressed leather or fabric. Make your fashion power play in a sleek corset designed with front busk closure, lace-up back, possibly with a unique three grommet lace-up front neckline. This ensemble will certainly turn heads in your direction at any party or special event.

Victorian bustle skirts are only worn by fashionable and stylish women who know exactly what they're looking for, and are bold and daring when it comes to ‘fashion sense’.

Are you daring enough to wear this vintage inspired fashion today?

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