Victorian Style Bustle Skirts for the Vintage Inspired

Victorian bustle skirts are bouncy, flurry and utterly feminine and are a reminder of a fashion era of the 19th Century. Its rustling style makes it move and flow gracefully with the body, indicating a style that's not only bold but also daring.

A variation of the vintage bustle skirt

Not all body shapes can pull off the bustle skirt successfully but if worn with a body-squeezing, shape enhancing bustier or corset, most women will look wonderful in one.

Today's interpretations of the bustle skirt are equally as spectacular as it was over a century ago and is a style that can be worn to any special event - special occasions, weddings, Halloween parties, and costume parties too.

Spectacular styles of a vintage-inspired bustle skirt with fancy-tiered ruffles.

Typically Victorian fashion, bustle skirts possess fancy tiered ruffle designs and wasn't that easy to put on but today's interpretation of the vintage skirt comes with zipper closures at the waist and are easy to slip on or off. Some also come with adjustable drawstring ties that are placed beneath the layers of fabric which lets you adjust the amount of bustle and drape that you desire.

For that extra bustle, you can use the drawstrings to gather it high up and for a more flowing smoother look, you can leave it untied. Pair these classic skirts with steel boned corsets designed with front busk closure, and lace-up backs. You can also wear bustle skirts with three grommet lace-up front neckline bustiers.

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