Memorable Fashion Trends - So, What's Your Favourite Fashion Era

We all know that fashion creations revolves in a "cyclic" manner so it is not unusual to see today's hot fashion styles being defined by fabulous clothing designs of a past fashion era, what many people, and the fashion industry today simply refer to as vintage fashion, or vintage inspired creations.

But with many of today’s woman that’s always on the move, practical clothes that are easy to wear and simple to-care-for is what tops their list of apparel to purchase.

Not many of them are bold enough to “dress back” wearing the styles of a bygone era, and it’s not all of us that has the knack to carry off the look of decades past . . . be it vintage, retro, or indie, . . .  look great in it, and “wear it well”.

Nonetheless, most of us who profess to be fashion conscious do love styles inspired by fashion trends of the past, fashion eras that span the early to late 1900’s.

From the classic styles of the swinging 20’s and the soft feminine creations of the 50’s, to the hippie style of the 70’s and the preppy look of the 90’s, I know there is a style that strikes your fancy. So, which style of what era is your absolute favourite? . . . Read more

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