How to Dress Like a Greek Goddess

Every woman’s fashion sense is different from the next woman's own. While some women prefer the semi-formal casual look or some form of street style that’s quite a trend, others love the lady-like, formal chic silhouette of tailored suits and contoured clothing structures.

Yet other fashionable women will rather dress as the girly lighthearted woman, with pretty colours, frills, or layers. But one look that remains timeless, ‘fragile’, and almost ethereal is the Greek goddess look. 

Also known as the Grecian style, this fashion inspired by the ancient Greek style is definitely not for every woman.

Grecian dresses flow and move with the slightest breeze. They are made from soft light (sometimes sheer) fabrics and are more appealing as pure pristine white. This is not to say that light pastel colours don’t work well for Greek Goddess dresses, but they look best as flowing plain white gowns, white and gold combinations, or in white and silver combinations.

Grecian Style Dresses Were Worn by Both Men and Women?

Yes, in a way! Women fashion inspired by ancient Greek style also include designs worn by Greek mythological gods (male) as well. Though theirs were shorter ‘copies’, bound at the lower waist with the typical sash, goddesses had long flowing gowns bound with sashes at the female’s higher midriff.

Today’s Grecian inspired styles are still similar to those of the past with their dreamy-like dresses produced from the most beautiful flowing materials.
The Greek Goddess inspired dress almost always comes sleeveless and “that cascade romantically to the floor”, but in different styles and cuts around the neck and shoulder:
  • Strapless
  • One shoulder
  • V-neck
  • Wide round neck
  • Cap Sleeves
Greek Style Bud Dress

Add Your Own Touch With a Classic Hairstyle

On a final note, for that total vintage look, something that’ll make you look like you’ve stepped out of a Grecian fable, add a classic hairstyle . . . the French braid (French plait).

This is a pretty hairstyle that’s been around for centuries and has been portrayed in art history from “early Greek, Celtic and Sung dynasty periods”. The Dutch braid and the fishtail braid are also great styles that will enhance a Grecian style ensemble.

Women's Court Grecian Style Dress

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