7 Body Flattering Plus Size Prom Dresses with Matching Accessories

Prom night is always one big formal party. Call it the night of the “last hooray” before getting “thrown into the real world”. This is a night everyone wants to look good and wear the best prom dress . . . okay maybe not aspire to wear the best, but every girl aspires to be one of THE most fashionable and best dressed on prom night! Yes!

If you are full-bodied or plus sized, you may feel the skinny or slim girls get to find the best prom dresses around. You may feel that only those with trim silhouettes get the stare of admiring or envious eyes. Certainly, nothing is further from the truth!

There are beautiful and flattering prom dresses made for the plus sized girl that will blow you away! This is a special night and you too can look special as long as you choose the right fashion, design, and cut, and pick the perfect colour for your skin tone.

The Right Plus Size Prom Dress for Your Shape 

 If you are a plus size, your choice of style should depend on your body shape, so finding that special prom dress or gown is not really hard once you know the style that’s best for your silhouette.

Here are the top ten plus size 'picks' for your special occasion attire, including matching fashion accessories.

1. Top Heavy Shape (Inverted Triangle) - If you are top-heavy, you don’t want a clingy prom dress but one that de-emphasises your upper body. In this case, a nice flowing A-line dress is the perfect shape. A drop-waist dress is another great style for the inverted triangle shape.

2. Brick Shape – When you have a brick-shaped body, you tend to have wide shoulders, an undefined waist, a flat bottom, wide thighs and fat calves. The best prom style dress to wear if you have this figure will be the empire dress style. 

The midriff band will give the illusion of a waist smaller than the bust and hips. If you have a brick shape, you need an outfit that will give some curves. A prom dress with a flattering band around the neck will give you some “feminine roundness”.

3. Hourglass Body Shape – if you are a full-bodied figure 8, with big bosom and hips, an average length of legs, and a small short waist, you have an hourglass figure, a shape that is the envy of many of today’s women.
The mermaid style dress will look stunning on you. Ensure the fish tail of your dress is moderate though, without frills or layers.

4. Pear Shape - If you have a small waist and wide hips you will look really nice in an outfit that DOESN’T add to your hips, visually. You want something nicely clinging to your lower body while the upper part of the dress has embellishments, layers, appliques, etc…

5. Apple Shape – With an apple shape, your shoulders and bosom are narrower and smaller than your waist, which is really wider than both. Prom dress styles for this shape must be flat-fronted. There must be no layers, frills, and the like, but your ankles and shoes can be visible.
6. Spoon Shape – If you are plus sized with a ‘spoon’ shape, then you have a distinctly small waist with wide hips. However, the upper part of your body is slimmer and kind of ‘longer’.

The best style prom dress that’ll complement your shape is one that draws attention to the upper body and away from the waist and hips. This will give you an overall balanced appearance with a silhouette akin to an hourglass shape.

The Empire dress design that gently flows out below the waist looks great with this shape, and so do dresses with ruching around the upper body, or busy detailing with applique or embellishments around the bust.

7. Diamond Shape – This shape is just as it says; a diamond silhouette of sorts. The waist is wider than the bust and hips. Slightly similar to an apple shape but not so rounded, the breasts are usually small . . . medium at the most and the waistline is undefined.

The best way to dress a diamond body shape is by balancing the upper body (shoulders & bust) with the hips in such a way as to create the illusion of a waist. To pull this off successfully, choose clothing that adds fullness to your shoulder and bust while ensuring that the lower body falls straight down; no frills, no fuss; to make your lower body appear longer.

Short Dresses for the Full-Bodied

The latest and one of the trendiest styles of prom fashion is the short look. In the fashion circles for prom, many love the 'going short(er)' look. It’s not uncommon to find prom dresses in tea length, knee length and mini skirt lengths.

The buzz out there is that short is the way to go but a number of young ladies still yearns for the ballroom waltzing "Cinderella and Prince Charming" look which started to fade away by the early 21st century.

But whatever your choice of stylish prom dress may be, it’s good to plan to get something you can guarantee nobody around you will wear.

Your prom dress must be unique and striking and make you look like you belong on the Red Carpet at the Oscars!

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