Dress like a Princess in Quinceanera Fashion

According to Latin tradition of Quinceanera, as soon as a girl is fifteen, she is ready to get married and has indeed transited into womanhood. In other words, she has come of age.

By her fifteenth birthday (today's coming of age is celebrated at 16), a girl has been fully prepared for marriage. She would has been tutored on how to take care of a husband and a home . . . cook, clean, weave, etc., including all she needs to know about birthing and child rearing.  

With claims of its origin dating back to the Aztecs, today’s Quinceanera is a great day of celebrations for the birthday girl. She is fashionably dressed in a formal elegant gown and adorned with beautiful jewelry and a tiara, looking just like a ‘fairy-tale princess’.

There are a number of important customs that need to be observed during Quinceanera celebration, but one of the most popular ones is called the Changing of the Shoes where the celebrant’s father ceremoniously changes the young lady’s flat shoes to high heeled shoes . . . such a beautiful way to signify her transformation from a little girl to a young woman isn’t it? 

Quinceanera Fashion

Quinceanera is more than a big celebration; it is a young lady’s moment and her “passage not just into womanhood, but into a beautiful tradition of faith, independence and grace.”

Quinceanera fashion is classic. Tradition calls for elegant and opulent attires with womanly but modest bodices with full, layered and swirling skirts that practically sway and sweep the floor. 

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Most designs spare no detail, offering intricate embroidery, ornate beadwork, and other embellishments like feathers, applique, Swarovski crystals, and ruffles. The popular choice of fabrics is chiffon, organza, taffeta, lace, and tulle with colours ranging from white and soft, blushing pink, to magenta and scorching teal.

Wouldn’t that just make any girl sparkle and shine on this important day, one of the most lavish and meaningful events in her life?

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