Suspenders and Garters for Plus-Size and Curvy Women

They used to be referred to as suspenders, simply for the fact that they were created to hold the old fashioned stockings in place! From the early eighteenth century, everybody wore stockings, but the only way they could hold them up was through the use of garters.

They were clothing items of necessity, and not meant to be fashionable. Hardly surprising that the first known ‘garter creations’ were simply a band of cloth cut in form of ribbons, or knitted pieces you could tie together.

Savoir Faire Stretch Lace Garter Belt with 4 adjustable garter straps

There was also cut leather strips that were either tied or buckled above the knee which also served as garters. You wouldn’t describe those pieces of lingerie as stylish.

Garters and the Bride

However, by the 20th century (they became popular in the ’30s and ’40s), became a must-have item of lingerie; it not only served as suspenders, but it also became an appropriate way for ladies to tuck in small valuables or even a tiny purse.

With the advent of elasticated garters, they soon became easy to wear, and today, even though women don’t wear stocking anymore . . . well 99.5% of women, they are now worn as fashionable lingerie, especially by a new bride. Every bride that has on a wedding gown most probably has on a garter.

Are Garters a Reflection of Sensuality?

Stockings, suspenders, and garters are often considered to be a reflection of sensuality but this is not new. All you need do is to look at “pictures and photographs of women in fancy lingerie” from decades ago which are oftentimes termed “erotic”. Now, fashion has gone a full circle, bringing back the vintage styles like waist corset belts and exotic petticoats, and making them the ‘new’.

You will readily find elegant suspender belts for your own special occasions. They are incorporated into shapewear, corselets, girdles, waist cinchers, Basques and bandage garters (garter skirts with a twist!) . . . Beautiful items of lingerie that are meant for today’s sensuous woman who loves to wear attractive underwear.

You will find them sold as a one-piece item or a set which consists of a garter belt and a pair of undies . . . thongs or panties. Some come as a three-piece, with matching bras. Materials used include leather, lace, stretch lace, and satin.

Exclusive for the Plus Size Woman – Short Shaper Skirt Suspenders

These garters are great for the plus size woman, one that desires something smoothing with firm control. The sexy elasticated shapewear lingerie consists of “detachable garters”, pretty lace trim hem and a firm controlling waistband.

Body Shaper Skirt Suspender
Just as with most shapewear for full-figured women, you can wear shaper skirt suspenders under form-fitting dresses or skirts. It gives an unbelievably smooth silhouette under your clothing; it also gives you enough coverage to be worn under short dresses or skirts.

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