Vintage-Inspired Halloween Costumes - 1920s to 1990s Styles

If you have been invited to a Halloween party, it is mandatory to wear a costume. The thing is, how much is too much to spend on Halloween costumes?

You can buy a great costume for a themed party. The only problem with that is what happens if next year’s theme is different? Which is most likely. Some of us would hate to wear the same attire year on year. And then you can always make one if you have a flair for sewing. If. Let’s not talk about finding the right fabrics, searching for patterns, accessories, trimmings, etc... that is required to sew a statement costume. So, do you really need to buy a ready-made Halloween attire, or make one from scratch? 

If you think about it, there is really no point. This is an outfit you’ll probably wear for only a few hours of one day in one year. Yes, it is nice to buy an impressive fancy-dress, But it is best to consider saving money too. This is because you will wear it only once.

Are you are looking for something ‘explosive’? A vintage-inspired costume that sets you apart from the usual without the hassle of sewing or the expense of buying? Then it’s better to rent it. Renting a themed costume is not only inexpensive, but the ease of getting it is also a breath of fresh air. You’ll find limitless selections. 

Popular Vintage-Inspired Halloween Party Outfits

From 16th Century Gothic and the Flapper 20s styles to the 70s go-go-dancer costumes and the 1990s Johnny Bravo outfits, you will find formal, informal, wicked, whimsical, ‘racy’, scary, and regal costumes suitable to rent for themed Halloween parties.  

Recreate the 1920s with classic twenties costumes based on the flappers and gangsters of the time. Re-invent the story of Bonnie and Clyde with your partner and dance to swinging jazz music.

For vintage-inspired 1950s look, choose sock hop costumes like swing dresses, poodle skirts, Grease T-Birds jacket, Rosie the Riveter costume, or pin-up costumes. 

Think the 1970s, think disco parties, hippie attires, and Woodstock. Bring that ‘wild’ era back to a 21st century Halloween party. And whatever you choose, complement your attire with a wild-look wig typical of the 60s and 70s hairdos.

In the 1980s, everything was about size and statements. Colourful crimplene clothing. Huge sunglasses. Bold patterns. Bouffant hairstyles, and sight-jarring red blusher. Ghostbuster Halloween costumes, pop star costumes, movie character costumes, and glamour tracksuit outfits are great to recreate the 80s.

The 1990s offers some of the best Halloween costume ideas. There are cartoon network characters like Dexter and Dee Dee. The Boy Bands, and the Nickelodeon. Movie characters like Forrest Gump, and celebrity pop groups like, The Spice Girls. 

Other Trending Costumes for Halloween You Can Rent

Other popular classic costume styles inspired by the 20th century are:

  • Cowboy 
  • Astronauts 
  • Avengers
  • Roman and Greek
  • Star Wars
  • Uniforms
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Flapper 
  • Historical 

If you are unsure of what to wear to a vintage-themed (or non-themed) Halloween party, the time to start looking is now. The best classic costumes are planned for and rented early in October. However, that’s not to say that there are no unique outfits for that great night of the year. The good thing is that renting Halloween costumes gives you all the possibilities you want without the responsibility and commitment of ownership.

It is never too early to search for your Halloween night attire. And if you wish to put your own spin on your choice so that you can truly stand out from the crowd, now is the time to start planning towards it. Happy Halloween.

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