Pretty Plus-Size Intimate Lingerie

It’s not often that you get to find attractive . . . yes, really pretty lingerie for plus size women. Firstly, most stores that sell lovely lingerie never seem to have the full-bodied woman in mind. It’s always been lingerie for only skinny, slim, or average size ladies that you’ll find in shop displays.

Secondly, even the mannequins that showcase fine lingerie are anything but plus size and it doesn’t help that silhouettes of those shopping for underwear in such boutiques are always profiles of the slender and skinny.

Now, how do many big/plus sized women feel when they find themselves in fine lingerie stores that have nothing to offer them? Doesn’t it make one feel excluded in some way?

The great thing is that all that is now in the past. There are beautiful and even exotic undergarments for full-bodied and voluptuous women who not only want comfort and style but also want to have vast collections to choose from.

Nowadays, things are different because being plus size doesn't mean you have to settle for less than appealing. Today more women on the big side can now get to buy and wear what they'd never have dreamed of finding, talk less of wearing, half a century ago. It’s wonderful to know that granny panties and unsightly panty lines are finally out! It’s no more comfort-only, but style.

Should You Give Up Style for Comfort?

It all depends on how you look at it. It’s certainly true that comfort is important, but this shouldn’t be at the expense of style and besides, most fine lingerie out on the market, whether just functional – bras, panties, hosiery, slips; sexy – bustier, corsets, G-strings; or ‘racy’ (and wild) – crotchless, leather, ‘merry-widows’, are made to fit comfortably and securely, as long as you purchase the right size.

From boldly patterned bralettes to plunge bras, embellished thongs and boyshorts to chemises and teddies, pretty plus size lingerie deserves the expression "ooh la la"!

Plus Size Woman, Emboldened, Sexy, and Desirable

Now that curves are ‘in’, the 21st Century full-bodied woman can feel attractive and feminine; she can feel this way by slipping into sexy lingerie that'll make her feel daring and truly proud of being endowed.

But a good number of plus sizes don’t particularly feel comfortable walking into the shops to seek whatever they desire. Nothing really wrong with that!

So if for any reason you have reservations about going out in search of plus intimates you can search for what you want online. Besides, there is no better alternative to buying online . . . because choices are limitless.

And finding the perfect fit is never really a problem because all fine online lingerie boutiques will provide you with size charts (measurement charts) that are easy to understand and use.

Things Plus Size Women Must Look Out For When Buying Exquisite Lingerie 


  1. Comfort
  2. Feel
  3. Good support
  4. Style
It doesn't matter how beautiful and exotic lingerie is, if it’s not comfortable, you’ll hardly enjoy wearing it and if it's not comfortable to wear, there's no point in slipping into it.

A good piece of lingerie mustn't pinch or grip you unnecessarily and it must not dig into your flesh which will leave you with unsightly welts. However, thanks to Spandex and Lycra; undergarments are much more comfortable and easier to wear, something that was long overdue for fat women.

Lingerie must feel good on you, especially if you are full-bodied. Whether it's made of silk, satin, nylon, polyester, lace, leather or any other kind of fabric, it must feel great on your body. The last thing you need is to be stuck at work from 9 to 5, in a ‘scratchy pair’ of lingerie!

This is especially important for items such as bras and panties, and in the case of slips and shapewear, it mustn’t ‘ride up’.

Good support

This is so important. Good plus size intimates must be supportive. There is no point in putting attraction before good support no matter how wonderful the lingerie item looks.

For instance, if you are full-breasted, you’ll need good support of a well-made lacy bra.

With items like bras, you will often get what you pay for so skimping and counting pennies on this piece isn't the best way to go . . . Enter quality!

You may get away with buying cheap or inexpensive slips, panties, babydolls, or chemises but with corsets, girdles, bustier, bras, and the all-important body-shapers you’ll need to invest well.

Looking for something stylish; lingerie that’s not only appealing and sexy but something that makes you feel beautiful? Then you need stylish pieces.

From lace bralettes to body flattering boned leather bustiers, rhinestone embellished thongs to figure-hugging inner/outerwear corsets; petticoats and bloomers to garters and hosiery made from all forms of exclusive lingerie materials like satin, silk, soft cotton, stretch mesh, Edwardian cotton; whatever your fantasy or needs; name it, you’ll find it in plus sizes.

And if you have issues with curves, there is always special shapewear – waist cinchers, stretch lace shapers, super shaper shorts, - that’s not only stylish, and figure flattering, but feminine and comfortable too.

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