Art Deco Style Fashion Rings

Many of today’s women’s interest in rings have been ‘sparked’ by the appeal of antique and vintage-inspired rings. Not only does the intricate carvings and careful craftsmanship of these timeless rings possess an unmistakable character, their stylish details certainly surpass the “glitzy bling” of modern rings which are devoid of uniqueness and exceptional details.

There are a distinctive style and charm about authentic vintage rings that are decidedly missing in today’s fashion rings, but the one that’s most popular, the one that “takes the cake” in terms of beauty and demand are Art Deco rings, fashioned after the stylish rings of the 20s and 30s.

Art Deco Style Vintage Inspired Rings

Popular in the 1920s and 1930s, Art Deco rings are noted for their geometric themes and ornate designs. They are colourful and possess bold colours and symmetrical patterns, filigree, and diamonds. And because this era is known for its opulence and lavish partying lifestyle, nothing typifies all of that more than sprays of tiny diamonds on huge rings.

Today, it is not unusual to find that many couples are choosing vintage rings over their modern counterparts for a classic alternative to regular engagement rings. “A lot of couples say they’re not interested in a diamond at all,” says Cynthia Findlay, who has been selling vintage rings for over 35 years.

Because fashionable women wore gloves at the time, most Art Deco rings were generally flat. Asides geometric patterns, motifs include styles influenced by Egyptian, African, and American Indian culture.

Gemstones used include ruby, emerald, and sapphire, black onyx, crystal, ivory, and jade. Many also comprise of mother-of-pearl and man-made stones. They are set on metals such as silver, white gold, platinum, chrome, and marcasite.

Many vintage ring styles are accented with smaller diamonds in their design.

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