7 Body Flattering Plus Size Prom Dresses with Matching Accessories

Prom night is always one big formal party. Call it the night of the “last hooray” before getting “thrown into the real world”. This is a night everyone wants to look good and wear the best prom dress . . . okay maybe not aspire to wear the best, but every girl aspires to be one of THE most fashionable and best dressed on prom night! Yes!

If you are full-bodied or plus sized, you may feel the skinny or slim girls get to find the best prom dresses around. You may feel that only those with trim silhouettes get the stare of admiring or envious eyes. Certainly, nothing is further from the truth!

There are beautiful and flattering prom dresses made for the plus sized girl that will blow you away! This is a special night and you too can look special as long as you choose the right fashion, design, and cut, and pick the perfect colour for your skin tone.

The Right Plus Size Prom Dress for Your Shape 

 If you are a plus size, your choice of style should depend on your body shape, so finding that special prom dress or gown is not really hard once you know the style that’s best for your silhouette.

Here are the top ten plus size 'picks' for your special occasion attire, including matching fashion accessories.

1. Top Heavy Shape (Inverted Triangle) - If you are top-heavy, you don’t want a clingy prom dress but one that de-emphasises your upper body. In this case, a nice flowing A-line dress is the perfect shape. A drop-waist dress is another great style for the inverted triangle shape.

2. Brick Shape – When you have a brick-shaped body, you tend to have wide shoulders, an undefined waist, a flat bottom, wide thighs and fat calves. The best prom style dress to wear if you have this figure will be the empire dress style. 

The midriff band will give the illusion of a waist smaller than the bust and hips. If you have a brick shape, you need an outfit that will give some curves. A prom dress with a flattering band around the neck will give you some “feminine roundness”.

3. Hourglass Body Shape – if you are a full-bodied figure 8, with big bosom and hips, an average length of legs, and a small short waist, you have an hourglass figure, a shape that is the envy of many of today’s women.
The mermaid style dress will look stunning on you. Ensure the fish tail of your dress is moderate though, without frills or layers.

4. Pear Shape - If you have a small waist and wide hips you will look really nice in an outfit that DOESN’T add to your hips, visually. You want something nicely clinging to your lower body while the upper part of the dress has embellishments, layers, appliques, etc…

5. Apple Shape – With an apple shape, your shoulders and bosom are narrower and smaller than your waist, which is really wider than both. Prom dress styles for this shape must be flat-fronted. There must be no layers, frills, and the like, but your ankles and shoes can be visible.
6. Spoon Shape – If you are plus sized with a ‘spoon’ shape, then you have a distinctly small waist with wide hips. However, the upper part of your body is slimmer and kind of ‘longer’.

The best style prom dress that’ll complement your shape is one that draws attention to the upper body and away from the waist and hips. This will give you an overall balanced appearance with a silhouette akin to an hourglass shape.

The Empire dress design that gently flows out below the waist looks great with this shape, and so do dresses with ruching around the upper body, or busy detailing with applique or embellishments around the bust.

7. Diamond Shape – This shape is just as it says; a diamond silhouette of sorts. The waist is wider than the bust and hips. Slightly similar to an apple shape but not so rounded, the breasts are usually small . . . medium at the most and the waistline is undefined.

The best way to dress a diamond body shape is by balancing the upper body (shoulders & bust) with the hips in such a way as to create the illusion of a waist. To pull this off successfully, choose clothing that adds fullness to your shoulder and bust while ensuring that the lower body falls straight down; no frills, no fuss; to make your lower body appear longer.

Short Dresses for the Full-Bodied

The latest and one of the trendiest styles of prom fashion is the short look. In the fashion circles for prom, many love the 'going short(er)' look. It’s not uncommon to find prom dresses in tea length, knee length and mini skirt lengths.

The buzz out there is that short is the way to go but a number of young ladies still yearns for the ballroom waltzing "Cinderella and Prince Charming" look which started to fade away by the early 21st century.

But whatever your choice of stylish prom dress may be, it’s good to plan to get something you can guarantee nobody around you will wear.

Your prom dress must be unique and striking and make you look like you belong on the Red Carpet at the Oscars!

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Vintage Style Womens Coats

An overcoat is an outerwear that is synonymous with winter and is a must-have because of the cold. While some women are quite content with any old coat as long as it wards off the biting cold, other women take this as a time, not only to feel warm but to flaunt a fashionable coat that's unique and stylish. They know that because it's chilly outside doesn't mean you can't step out in style.
For those who love vintage inspired fashion, you'll agree with me that the designs of overcoats of the 20th century, worn by fashionable women and silver screen goddesses are some of the best styles ever. From the winter coats of the early 19th century to the swing and swagger coats of the 1950s, today's winter outerwear need to duff their hats to their stylish predecessors.
If you like vintage style overcoats and wish to add one to your wardrobe, here are some styles you should see.

1920s Style Winter Coats

There is nothing like the women's overcoats of the swinging twenties and their styles are yet to be surpassed. Their designs with large fur collars created a cocoon of warmth and style.

Coat fabrics were mostly made of deep pile velvet, wool broadcloth, wool suede and velour and were lined with crepe de chine, satin de chine, brocade, or silks and blends. Colours ranged from black and brown to tan, green, blue, and cranberry red. 

1930s Women Overcoats

1930s style coats of old Hollywood came long, tailored and modest with the popular styles made of faux fur, wool, velvet, tweed and more. Swagger coats were very popular and quite stylish, and they were ideal for any type of shape. 

They had high collarless necklines, sleeves with epaulette shoulders, and smartly placed patch pockets.

Vintage Inspired Styles of Overcoats

1. Dress Coats – This overcoat resembles a dress and is in fact one of the trending styles of winter coats today. It comes with a collar, lapels, and a belt that appears to cinch a woman’s waist. Its design is certainly ‘vintage inspired’ because it was a style that was quite popular in the mid 50’s to the 60’s.

2. Vintage Inspired Trench Coats – this style of is very popular and worn by men and women. It is generally double-breasted and comes with a fairly wide lapel and belted around the waist.

You will find that trench coats come with shoulder and wrist straps.

3. Trendy Cloaks – Cloaks and capes serve the same purpose as all overcoats, to keep you warm in winter, but it differs in design to the regular kind of coat. It is loose, one of its features that makes it look so fashionable and chic. Cloaks have been around for a number of hundreds, but over time became fashion apparel for winter wear.

They come without sleeves but have an open slit that you can put your hands through. Most “generally fasten at the neck or over the shoulder” and come in short or long lengths.

4. Faux Fur Overcoat - We all know why we have to settle for faux fur overcoats instead of the authentic animal coats, and rightly so too. But what’s trending for 2014/2015 as regards the faux furry warmers? PRETTY COLOURS! Yes, nice sweet colours such as pale pink, midnight blue, camel, pale orange, oatmeal, turquoise; some with bold stripes running across in horizontal lines. There is also classic black & white combinations.

Styles range from the short cropped jackets to the long overcoats, most come collar-less and when unbuttoned will look nice with vintage-inspired neck jewellery.

5. Pea Coats - Many may not know what kind of overcoat this is vintage-inspired coat is . . . Yes, it is an unusual name, but a pea coat is one that was originally worn by European and American sailors dating back into the early 1700’s. It is coarse to the touch and made from wool. 

Today, pea coats are not much different from the past design and have become trending outerwear clothing. The coat is now considered a vintage/classic inspired style with some now coming with hoods. They come in great shapes; made from other fabrics including leather, besides the classic navy blue wool of centuries past.

So which styles of the above Women Overcoats are your winter outerwear choice? Which types make your statement? Which of these vintage-inspired overcoat genres' 'spells' your signature?

12 Show-Stopping Necklaces

Necklaces are one of those fashion accessories that you can use to make a bold statement if you plan to stand out from the crowd. No, not the thin neck chains, or those thin and tiny pendants held by a micro-thin necklace, but big bold and uniquely crafted neck wear that’s literally ‘show stopping’.

Elaborate Neck and Shoulder Alloy Jewellry with Rhinestone Settings
Neck jewellery has been worn by women AND men since the Stone Age. At the time and through the ages, both men and women adorned their necks with things ranging from strung pieces of twine, shells, bone, sea shells, animal teeth, seeds, animal skin, feathers, and the like to precious stones, corals, and man-made beads. With people of the Stone Age for instance, it all depended on what they found around them and (probably) how creative some of the cave men/women were to put something together.

But this article is not about the history of the necklace . . .

European Style Pearl Shells and Starfish Charms Necklace
Today’s trending necklaces tend to be on the large and bold side and because they are costume jewellery, they possess great features that many fashionable women love. But what makes a necklace a ‘show-stopper’? What makes one stand out against another?

Faux Pearls with Rhinestone & Alloy Metal Chains (Earrings and Necklace Set)  

Neck Jewelry - Design, Size and Materials Used Matters

How do you recognise show-stopping jewellery?
  • Is it in its size?
  • Is it what it’s made from?
  • Is it in its form?
  • Can it be its weight?
  • Or how valuable it is?
The answer isn’t necessarily any of the aforementioned but rather a combination of them all.

They must be considerably large and must be made from unique materials; certainly not the run-of-the-mill PVC based materials or those cheap looking plastic beads you’ll find strung prettily at the markets.

Chunky Faux Pearl String of Necklace
The design must be unique, almost a one-of-a-kind style with great details; its form is what catches our eyes first anyway, before anything else. And it should be weighty enough to give you the feeling that you’ve discovered a great buy. Some say that’s all in the mind but many think not.
Alloy Braided Necklace - European Style
Finally, when it comes to value, costume jewellery is generally affordable. They cost a fraction of the value in gold, silver or platinum . . . weight for weight. However, you’ll find that some statement necklaces are a bit pricey, but then, that’s relative.

A show-stopper must be unique; it must be crafted in such a way that it resembles a piece of art. It doesn’t really matter what material it is made of as long as it ‘screams’ DISTINCTIVE! Plus it must go well with the style of clothing a woman wears.

Victorian Black Lace Choker with Beaded Pendants
From twisted metal creations and copper baubles to pieces encrusted with colourful gemstones (faux or real), intricately woven lacework (or filigree), artsy glass beading, and multiple strings of multi-sized corals, a stunning piece of neck jewelry will always be noticed.

They all have one thing in common, style and size. Big bold jewelry pieces like these are the ones that have the ‘wow factor’, so if you are different and bold enough to adorn your neck with these pieces, these types of affordable statement necklaces are just for you.

Vintage Collar Alloy Necklace

How Best to Wear Statement Necklaces

You can wear statement necklaces with smart, stylish, or casual clothing . . . ethnic, classic, everyday, or formal (evening) wear. It will always depend on the look you want to put forward, so any way you choose to wear them; you will still look different and stand out of from the crowd.

Cluster of Faux Pearl Jewellry Set
And because you don’t want to create a cluttered look around your neck, it’s best to wear large and ‘chunky’ necklaces with smaller earrings with:
  • Bustiers
  • Spaghetti strap dresses
  • Low-cut gowns
  • Strapless clothing
  • Single strap clothing
  • Tube tops and dresses
You don’t want to look out of tune with style though so remember . . . how you put your fashion ensemble (clothing and accessories) together is always the key to becoming a ‘show-stopper’.

Multi-Colour Chunky Bib Necklace

Vintage Inspired Gowns - Mermaid Dresses

The mermaid style dress is classic in many ways. It can be described as a vintage inspired dress; it is certainly designed  for the hourglass (figure 8) silhouette, it's a nice reminder of the chic and elegant gowns of the mid-19th century, and it's a blast from the past . . . of classic movies where all the beautiful and sexy actresses always wore clothes that highlighted and accentuated their body shape.

Mermaid dresses, also known as trumpet gowns or fish-tail dresses, are made to fit snugly from the upper arms/shoulder of a woman's body; down the bosom to a tight cinched waist, closely fitted around the hips all the way down to the knees where it then flares out like a mermaids tail.

The dress design is glamorous, to say the least, but can be styled from 'subtle' to 'dramatic' For instance, a subtle look may have a soft flowing tail, made from layers of delicate fabrics like silk, chiffon, or satin to form flowing "voluminous fish-tail ruffles". For the more dramatic but elegant look, a stiffer fabric like taffeta, tulle, brocade, or organza will create a stiffer fish-tail dress, forming the perfect figure of a mermaid.

They can be heavily or lightly embellished with sequins, intricate embroidery, faux gems, faux pearls, metallic finishes, and Swarovski stones.

A mermaid dress is meant to be sleek and feminine on, and come with long or short sleeves, puffed sleeves, 'spaghetti' straps, strapless, halter, or with a single strap, and since they all come as long dresses that sashay out at the knees, they are quite suitable to wear as:

Who Can Wear a Mermaid Dress?

To wear a mermaid dress AND look good in it, one needs to have an almost hourglass figure. Of course, a woman can wear the perfect body-shaper to get that "magic shape", but the point is that the silhouette must be shaped like an '8' for the dress to look good on.

In order to 'wear the gown well' it's best to be of average to tall height. You must have an average bust size, a slim waist, and curvy hips (not necessarily a Kim Kardasian, but close is good!), and nice straight legs too. So if you possess these shapely attributes, you have the best body shape  for this vintage inspired gown.

Vintage Inspired Lingerie for Plus Size Brides

It's one of the (if not the) most important days of your life and you certainly don't want to skimp on the finer details. Yes, the bridal dress, shoes, and veil may be the most important things on your mind but then, there are the more intimate details you need to include in your plans - choosing your bridal lingerie.

Beautiful daytime lingerie for plus-sized brides

Finding an exquisite collection of plus-size lingerie isn't that hard as long as you are looking for them in the right places. You also need to be aware of the fact that bridal lingerie is not restricted to what you need to wear during the day for the wedding event (bridal corsets, high-waist slips, hosiery, white garter belts, waist cinchers, and body-enhancing shape-wear), you'll need to plan for night-time intimate wears as well and they need to be special too - babydoll nightwear, lace bras, sexy boyshorts and white chemises.

Daytime Lingerie for Plus-size Brides

During the day, depending on your wedding dress style, you'll need the perfect lingerie like the vintage-inspired styles. The traditional wedding underwear styles are back and one of their qualities is the fact that they shape the body. The smoothing effect they give is certainly second to none.

1. Waist Cincher with Garter Straps

Plus size waist cincher with detachable garter straps - Note how its contour bands shape the waist, back, hips, and derriere. Great daytime bridal lingerie to wear with stockings and a pair of g-strings.
Take, for instance, this sexy and supportive waist cincher garter belt that is really a cross between a corset and a garter belt. A retro style shapewear, it is a brilliant choice if you require extra smoothing and shaping, and as a plus-size, you certainly should.

2.  Vintage-Inspired Jacquard Corset

An absolutely stunning vintage inspired Jacquard corset that makes a stunning and elegant statement for the day. Try pairing it with a long skirt and gloves for an evening out after the wedding day.
This daytime bridal wear - the Jacquard Corset, is not only an elegant piece of bridal wear, it makes a unique statement. It features an ivory soft cotton lace trim and a front busk closure, complete with silver hardware. This corset laces up at the back for the perfect waist-cinching fit.

3. Vintage Cotton Steel Boned Corset

Innocent-looking but subtly seductive vintage style bridal wear made from natural cotton and steel-bone. Great for steampunk, prairie, or a beach bride.
This beautiful Vintage Cotton Steel Boned Corset has such a refreshing look. Inserted with authentic German steel boning and spiral steel supports, this daytime outerwear lingerie is designed with exquisite detail and superior construction.  It will give any plus-size bride beautiful support with its curve-flattering detail. while still being comfortable enough to wear all day and into the night.

4. Lace Bralette With Ruffle

Plus-size bralette with lined cups for an added support is perfect not only as a bridal bra but also for everyday wear.
The Lace Bralette is so comfortable and incredibly cute. It is designed with soft floral lace and lined cups. A feminine lace ruffle under the bust, its 3-hook back closure, and adjustable straps complete the look. It comes in white, blue, plum, and black.

5. All Stretch Lace Garter Belt

A garter belt that you have a choice of wearing at the waist or at the hips. Easy to put on and take off because of its softness.
Sexy and comfortable plus size stretch lace garter belt pulls on easily and pairs beautifully with a lace bra and thigh high stockings. You can detach the four garters which allow for versatility. Depending on your preference, this garter belt can be worn at the waist or the hips.

6.  Six Strap Smoothing and Shaping Garterbelt

You should consider this shape-smoothing garter belt for both intimate and practical occasions, asides the fact that it's a great piece of bridal lingerie.
The six adjustable metal tab garters speak volumes of this Smoothing and Shaping Garterbelt. So even if your demeanour and smile give you away, you can count on the fact that the nylon lycra fabric will be the epitome of discretion as it nicely holds up your exquisite hosiery.

Browse for more plus-size vintage-inspired lingerie here... 

Intimates - Evening and Night Lingerie

A great bridal ensemble goes beyond what you need to wear during the day. We must not forget the nighttime intimate wear, or better put, the honeymoon lingerie that’s a must-be-worn, at night, away from all eyes, except the groom.

Sexy and lacy nighttime bridal wear,

All plus-size brides also require sensuous and alluring lingerie for their wedding night, something sensual and alluring, intimate wear fit enough to drool over by you-know-who. And that’s equally important bridal lingerie too!

1. The Not So Basic Side Slit Skirt

Great attire for your honeymoon evening and an added staple to your wardrobe after the wedding. Notice how the skirt caresses the model's curves beautifully.
This floor-length Not So Basic Side Slit Skirt is designed with high-quality ponti-knit fabric and possesses just the right amount of stretch. It has a high side slit that gives a curvy woman a dramatic look while showing just the right amount of leg.

2. Edwardian Cotton and Lace Chemise

Don't you just love that hint of vintage chic? This perfect nightwear is not only comfortable, it is softly sexy.

This button-up, loose-fitting Edwardian chemise is made of soft cotton fabric, delicately pin-tucked with a touch of lace trim. Its drawstring neckline allows you reveal as much or as little cleavage and shoulder as you wish. This lingerie is a comfortable sleepwear on its own.

3. All Lace Mini Dress with Criss Cross Back

The perfect nightwear for any voluptuous bride in the honeymoon suite.

This long-sleeved lace mini dress with its crisscross back is actually perfect for any special occasion asides bridal. The criss-cross back is versatile enough to also be worn at the front.

4. Halter Lace Tie Cup Babydoll

Alluring babydoll lingerie - great nightwear for a blushing bride.

This seductive Halter Lace Tie Cup Babydoll has been thoughtfully designed with soft floral lace cups lined with a super supportive power mesh and adjustable halter strap. The ribbon ties can be adjusted as much as you desire and it fits and supports up to an F cup.

 5. Edwardian Cotton and Lace Short Bloomers

Sexy and comfortable Edwardian style bloomers

These simple yet irresistible Edwardian bloomers are made of soft cotton fabric with an elasticated waist. The ruffled hem has an elastic band, delicate lace trim and bows on the side. Perfect for bridal sleepwear.

6. Lace Trim Satin Shorts

French style lingerie - classic satin shorts

Plus-size Lace Trim Satin Shorts made in a satin fabric that is soft to the touch with an elastic waistband for comfort. Lace trim details on the front with side slits for an easy wear.

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