Gothic Bridal Veils for Medieval Inspired Weddings

Gothic-style fashion is for those who love the 'dramatic look' of darkness, mystery, and weirdness. And while many people still think gothic is associated with vampirism and satanism with secret members who wear mostly black clothing, have a pale complexion, jet-black hair and dark dramatic makeup, the wedding fashion scene think otherwise.

Dark and dramatic Gothic-inspired bridal wear showing dresses, veil and bridal cape, and a goth-style wedding cake.

Goth-style wedding veils also referred to as vampire veils, are classic medieval styles that are now made with a modern twist and worn by brides who either desire a medieval-themed wedding or a vintage/antique style bridal wear.

Gothic-inspired bridal veil - Black Cathedral length wedding veil with a scalloped-embroidered edge.

Gothic-inspired bridal veils can be made from tulle, lace, satin, velvet, and voile fabrics and can come in plain white, red, or black colours. They can also be made into flowing wedding capes (or church chapel head veil style) made from patterned materials like sateen, embroidered fabrics, illusion tulle, netting and silk. Colours can be a combination of black and red, black and purple, white and beige, or wine and purple.

Asides wedding ceremonies, gothic veils and medieval-style dresses are popularly worn as party costumes for vintage-themed or other costume parties.

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