Vintage Cloche Wedding Veils (Bridal Headpiece for Young Brides)

Cloche hats and headpieces were first fabricated around 1908 by milliner Caroline Reboux. The style soon became the fashion rave of the 1920s when its popularity and impact on the fashion scene was at its peak. Close-fitting and chic, they came in many variations and were made from a number of diverse materials.

From cloche style beaded lace bridal headpieces and Adora wool hats to sisal, felt, and the elaborately bejewelled cocktail/evening hats, its shape and form are one of the most popular classic forms of millinery ever, especially with its unusual bell-shaped snug-fitting design.

Vintage style cloche bridal veil
A classy old-fashioned wedding veil that makes a great bridal headpiece for young brides.

Cloche (or cap) wedding veils are made with an elaborately beaded cap that fits snugly on the head with an attachment of soft tulle, chiffon, or lace fabric (as is shown above) which can be an elbow, hand, or floor length.

Typically vintage, the cap part is designed to be worn low on the forehead with the bride's eyes showing just slightly below the brim.

The cap, which fits almost tightly over the entire scalp can be adorned or encircled around the brim with any of the following accents:
  • Fresh or faux flowers that complement the bridal bouquet
  • Faux leaves that are woven around the brim
  • Heavy embroidery 
  • Appliques 
  • Pleated satin
  • Faux pearls
  • White coral beads or other gemstones
  • Elaborate jewelled brooches
Popular trimmings and decorations include satin details, velvet ribbons, with faux flower blossoms at the ears.

The veil piece falls gracefully from the back of the fitted cap and down over the shoulders. However, it looks best floor-length or trailing (a great look for young brides). Veil materials include:
  • Silk 
  • Fine Lace 
  • Silk Tulle 
  • Net with net backing
  • Embroidered fabric
Cloche hats and bridal headpieces soon went out of fashion around the mid-thirties but by the 1960s its reappearance brought on the second round of trend.

Great Ideas to Create Custom Cloche Headpieces for the Vintage-Inspired Bride (Video)


Today you can make the cloche veil yourself or you can have it custom made for you. You can buy a close-fitting cap and transform it into a classic bridal headwear.

With an extra touch of art-deco decorating, you can transform the plainest cloche hat shape into a vintage classic work of art, a wedding veil befitting of a young bride.

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