Vintage Inspired Bustier for a Classic Look

Traditionally, women wore a bustier as part of their underwear primarily because it shapes women's bosom by tightening the upper abdomen, pushing up the bust, and shaping the waist.

It literally carves out the perfect shape every woman desires.
Strapless Black Lace up Faux Leather clássico Lolita Corset Bustier
Almost like a basque which is really a long corset (remember them?) and shorter extending no further than the waist, bustiers were regarded as fine lingerie and majorly worn by wealthy elitist women.

Traditional bustiers were formed with boning made from whale bone or giant reeds. Their aim was to cinch in a woman's torso to the desired shape while prevented wrinkling of the fabric.

Trendy modern bustiers (and corsets) are still made with boning to retain their shape and clasp the body very firmly. These gorgeous pieces of women clothing are truly vintage inspired items. However, boning is now made from mesh panels and other materials like plastic, and steel.

It is however mostly worn as an outerwear, informally like a camisole top over jeans and mini skirts, or as a formal top for elegant maxi skirts and formal pants.
soie avec appliques shapewear avant la fermeture bustier Busk
Designs range from simple styles with minimal embellishments to the stylishly sassy, lacy, embroidered satin, and brocade bustiers that is a hot favourite among vintage fashion buffs. Most come as a set with matching g-strings

And if you'd rather not expose your midriff or bra under a sheer transparent top, you can wear a bustier under it as an inner wear.

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