Vintage Style Clutch Handbags Are Back

The clutch is one of the chicest and exclusive of all women’s handbags.

They are the most appropriate handbags for formal occasions, evening wear, or dinners, and it exudes sophistication whenever a lady holds one.

Traditionally, clutch bags were only used by women of style and panache, meaning that they were not meant for everybody or just any wear.

They were initially small and used as money purses, and as time progressed, they became fashion accessories, worn to the theatre, special occasions, and the like.

Its use is not much different today, however, there is a wider range of clutch bags that are incorporated into casual day wear, but they are still mostly used as evening bags.

There is an art in holding a clutch bag the right way. Fashionistas will tell you that you hold it in your left hand, close to your midriff, or held with your hand hanging down your side. Some may prefer to use it with its thin over-the-shoulder strap, but it is much more ladylike when worn without the sling or strap.

Clutch bag shapes range from small, square ‘pillbox’ shapes, to triangles, circles, tubular and heart-shaped pieces and larger sized modern styles. Materials used range from leather and skin to satin, velvet, ornately embroidered silk and heavily embellished pieces.  

What is the good thing about clutch handbags? Their timelessness makes them a classic fashion accessory – and good thing, they are now back full-circle. No woman’s wardrobe must be without a couple of clutch handbags

Vintage Escultura Lantejoula ClutchFanny.C coreano Leopard Faux Leather Clutch Bag

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