How to Dress Like a Greek Goddess (Vintage Style)

The classic Greek Goddess dress style is fluid and swathe. It wraps around the body loosely in a relaxed manner, yet is stylish and feminine, with a casually sophisticated ethereal look.

Every woman’s fashion sense is different, and while some like modern fashion that trend, others are vintage style enthusiasts that will rather go for the classic wear that's typically couture fashion composed of contoured clothing structures.

Greek Goddess styles fall under the classic fashion group. It still remains timeless and body-flattering and comes in various styles that range from the casual to the formal.

Greek Goddess dress designs. Notice the apparel style of the Greek statue.

Traditionally, this Grecian style was the form of clothing in ancient Greece. It was primarily made up of two pieces of fabric draped around the body, one an undergarment (chiton or peplos) and the other a cloak (himation or chlamys).

How to Dress Greek Goddess Style

You can buy a Grecian dress or make one for yourself if you are a sewing enthusiast.

To dress up this way, what you need essentially is something like a sleeveless shirt. Chiton (rectangular shaped cloth), which is like a wide shawl, is draped round the body in various ways and kept in place at the shoulders by large statement brooch.

A sash or belt holds the folds in place at the waist and any excess fabric is tucked under the belt, just like you’d do with a blouse.

Greek Goddess style dresses are mostly worn at ankle length. 

Features of Greek Goddess Dress Styles

Grecian dresses are designed to flow and move with the body and mostly have the following features:
  • Fabrics - Soft light (sometimes sheer) fabrics like silk, soft wool, chiffon, organza, satin, or fine cotton
  • Colours - pure white, light pastel colours, off-white, and champagne.
  • Patterns and colours varied with the times and status of the wearer
  • Gold or silver rope detailing and/or sashes
  • Worn with (or without) headbands
  • Asymmetrical hemlines 
  • Sleeveless
  • Strapless
  • One shoulder
  • V-neck
  • Wide round neck or off-shoulder
  • Cap sleeves
  • Bound round the higher midriff
This dress style is not meant for costumes or fancy-dress outfits alone. The Greek dress style can be glammed up and worn to special events and occasions, and as flowing evening wear too.

Today’s Grecian inspired styles are still similar to those of the past with their dreamy-like dresses produced from the most beautiful flowing materials.

Women's Court Grecian Style Dress


For the Complete Classic Look, Wear A Grecian Hairstyle

If you want to have that head-to-toe Greek Goddess look, something that’ll make you look like you’ve stepped out of a Greek mythology fable, add a classic hairstyle made in a French plait to your ensemble.

The Greek Goddess hairstyle made in a French braid design. You can wear this hairdo with a Grecian style dress with or without a headband.

This is a pretty hairstyle that’s been around for centuries and has been portrayed in art history from “early Greek, Celtic and Sung dynasty periods”.

The Dutch braid and the fishtail braid are also great styles that will enhance a Grecian Goddess style outfit.

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How to Dress Like the 1950’s Woman

Fashion for women was at its height in the mid-20th century. It was a time when women couldn’t wait to look good once again and certainly went all out to bring back style into their lives.

For fashion houses and fabric manufacturers, it was a great welcome back from the austere times of the 1940’s brought on by the effects of the 2nd World War. 

During the war times, fabrics meant for fashionable clothing was in limited supplies, as was food and other things taken for granted in the pre-war years. 

Because everything was influenced by rationing, women apparel was made from fewer yardages of cloth, into simple outfits using as little threads and materials as possible. 

But once the war was over, there was an increased availability of beautiful fabrics in vast quantities which allowed a new type of fashion to blossom by the 1950’s. 

The good times were back again!

The Fashionable Woman of the 50’s 

Stylish and well-groomed women emerged again, and this new fashion era was soon to be described as the ‘epitome of style’. 

Looking good and dressing elegantly was soon the norm, and women invested in looking stylish. Every young lady was brought up to recognise and appreciate style.

1950's women fashion was the tailored silhouette, elegant cuts that always made women look sophisticated and stylish. Styles include:
  • Full skirted dresses
  • Full swing skirts 
  • Pencil skirts 
  • Sleeveless blouses 
  • Long sleeved blouses
  • Tailored pants suits
Ensembles were incomplete without the long coats, hand gloves, shoes, day hats, and neck jewellery like a string of faux or real pearls.

How to Replicate the 1950's Woman's Style Above

Black & gold vintage blouse l Embroidered circle skirt l Diamante silk clutch bag l Stiletto heel buckle shoes

The cuts of the 1950’s clothes required a shapely figure with the curves in the right places . . .  showing distinct hip lines and distinguishable busts. 

But though the styles look best when a woman's waist is small, for those who weren't naturally endowed with a close to the perfect figure, girdles, waist cinchers and general body-shapers provided the desired hourglass shape required of most mid-20th-century fashion.