Dressmaking Patterns of Vintage Designs

Authentic vintage dressmaking patterns are one of the most difficult items to find these days. Many sewing enthusiasts have searched not always successfully for patterns of clothing designs of over three-quarter of a century ago.

Shopping malls are out of it. It’s very rare to get such finds there. one of the most likely places you might be lucky enough to find such sewing patterns is at local markets, you know, those that hold on one or two days every week.

You may find patterns including and vintage-inspired items at markets like The Vintage Market and Portobello Market in London; Edith Machinist (Lower East Side) and The Market NYC (Greenwich Village) in New York; Long Beach Antique Market and Arts District Flea in California.

The most probable place to find classic dressmaking patterns is at online stores that retail sewing craft items. Yes, you may have to devote an hour one afternoon, to find what you are looking for (genuine vintage patterns aren’t that easy to find here either), but find you eventually will.

Vintage Ladies Clothing Patterns You'll Find Online

For those vintage clothing lovers out there, the next best thing to finding genuine patterns (if you can't find what you desire) is to buy vintage inspired clothing patterns . . . reproduced to imitate vintage styles. This way, you can get a pattern of that style you’ve been ‘dying’ for.

So whether you are looking for patterns of the swinging 20's tango dress, a Victorian era wedding dress, a retro style pant suit, or a fifties Chanel suit, buying reproductions of vintage patterns is your best choice.

For those of you that have some penchant for sewing and dressmaking, talents you’ve either learned or inborn, making clothing with patterns should be "a breeze”. However, if you are like most of us that have an unusual but unique taste in fashion and style but can't stitch two strips of cloth to save our lives, just get a dressmaker or a friend/family that’s good in the art of sewing.

You can employ the services of couture dressmakers (or tailors) if you can’t get the desired sewing pattern of a style you desire for a very special event. They will give you a good service because they are professionals, albeit for a hefty fee or a not so hefty one if you are lucky.

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