Stylish Moccasin Footwear

Moccasin footwear is a true classic; never really going out of style but appearing in one stylish form or another and it still remains a favourite, even to this day.

What started off as footwear to serve as protection for the feet against rocks, stones, thorns, and the like, including the harsh cold weather, is now a trendy fashion accessory.
Modern Moccasin Footwear
Moccasins for women have been trendy for decades, and today, these traditional shoes and boots have been modernised for comfort and style. They are still worn by many men, women and children, sometimes as everyday wear, but most times to make a fashion statement.

Traditional Moccasins

Made primarily from the softest of leather back in the early days of Native Americans, moccasin shoes were constructed with a piece of deer skin ‘tacked’ together with a seam running from the leg down to the toe. But as comfort became a factor to reckon with, its design included an additional panel of deerskin which gave it a definitive shape of modern footwear.

While in the past many associated moccasins with just boots, today you’ll find other variations of moccasins with their signature whip stitch detail as shoes, slippers, loafers, and even moccasin Uggs.

Because they are made from deerskin, moccasins are soft and very comfortable and the majority of colours available to buy still remain that beautiful tan or light brown deerskin colour.

Whether they are ankle boots, full boots, shoes, or slippers, the style can be worn all year round, one of the reasons they’ve still retained a ‘subtle’ place in the fashion accessory industry.

Features of Moccasin Shoes

Features of authentic moccasin footwear include:
  • Deerskin (or suede) interior and outer lining
  • Adjustable corded rear panel (some variations)
  • Pull-cord design
  • Whip stitch detail
  • Rubber outer sole
  • Tassels (fringe)
  • Symbols, inscriptions, and tattoo like embellishments

Moccasins Inscriptions and Symbols, What Do They Mean?

It has been said that the decorations on the early moccasin footwear . . . those patterns and symbols gave spiritual protection to its wearer. The inscriptions were meant to remind the wearer of sacred events, places, beings, or teachings. Interestingly, these symbols were made to face the wearer and not the viewer.

Not many of us knew that! In fact, most of us who love wearing them hardly noticed where the inscriptions faced (or didn’t face!)

Motifs, patterns, and symbols include beaded vintage themes, animal sketches and modern tattoo patterning and they all depict many different interpretations.

Today’s Stylish Moccasin Footwear

Today, moccasin footwear has taken a new dimension in all aspects. They are modern, chic, casual, formal, trendy, and sporty; you name it, you got it! All in a vast range of colours, styles and colour/material combinations!

Choose from a wide range of women's moccasins
Materials used for this vast range (aside deerskin) includes textiles, faux leather, cow hide, patent, suede, leatherette, air-meshed leather, etc. . . . some in combinations of two different materials and sometimes more.

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