Vintage-Inspired Edwardian Tops for Plus-Size Women

There is something simple yet romantic about Edwardian tops inspired by the fashion of the first decade of the 20th century. The blouses featured lightweight fabric with large puffy shoulders, frilly details puffed bodice, and bell sleeves. Great styles for plus size women with a curvy silhouette.

Majorly made from delicate lace or chiffon with intricate embroidery, these stylish vintage-inspired Edwardian tops were made famous by the Gibson Girl image, the epitome of the womanly model of physical attractiveness “as portrayed by the pen-and-ink illustrations of artist Charles Dana Gibson”.

During the Edwardian era (1901 to1910), women's fashion took on a stylish opulence with a bit of overindulgence, a trend that was inspired by the pleasure-seeking lifestyle of King Edward VII. It was an era of beautiful clothes and the peak of luxury living for the elites rich and the privileged few.

For fashionable plus size women, these stylish Edwardian tops are vintage chic at its best! Soft, sexy, and cropped blouses, lace camisoles, and puff-sleeve tops, they can all be paired with under-bust corsets and a pair of jeans, worn as is with your exposed midriff, or worn with bustle skirts for that dramatic and irresistible vintage-inspired look that's body-flattering for plus size women.

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